Indrajit was son of Ravan and his wife Mandodari. He was named “Meghanada” because his birth cry sounded like thunder. He defeated Indra, the king of the Devas, after which he came to be known as ‘Indrajit’. .

At a very young age, Meghnada became the possessor of several supreme celestial weapons, including Brahmastra, Pashupatastra, and Vaishnavastra, under the guidance of Shukra, the guru of the daityas (demons). He was married to Sulochana, the daughter of the King of the Serpents Shesha Naga.

Indrajit was married to Sulochana (also known as Prameela). Prameela came from the nagas and was daughter of Adishesha, who was the incarnation of Lakshman according to some sects.
When Indrajit got his victory over Indra, he was granted with a Brahmastra. It is believed that Brahmastra was a great weapon having tremendous power and when it left the bow it could beat any arrow and kill any person at wish.

Brahma’s boon

During the Devasura SangRamm (the battle between the devas and the asuras), he freed his father from the shackles of Indra. He then turned the tables on Indra, tying him up and mounting him onto his celestial chariot.

At this juncture, Brahma intervened and asked him to free Indra. Meghnada obliged, and was granted a chance to ask for a boon from Brahma. Meghanada asked for immortality, but Brahma remarked that absolute immortality was against the law of the nature. Instead, he was then granted another boon: he would never be won over in any battle, until his Yagna (fire-worship) of his native goddess Nikumbala was disturbed and detroyed. On the completion of the Yagna, a supreme celestial chariot would appear, boarding which, Indrajit would become invincible in any battle. But Brahma also cautioned him that whosoever would destroy this yagna would also kill him. It was Brahma who gave him the name Indrajit (“the conqueror of Indra”).

Battle against Ram and Lakshman

Indrajit joined the battle when all his brothers had been killed by Ram and his army. His father, Ravan, had been humiliated in the battle by Ram, and his paternal uncle Kumbhakarna had been killed by Ram.

Indrajit had access to all the divine weapons like Brahmastra, Pashupatastra etc. Indrajit even bound Ram and Lakshman under the `Nagpash` (serpent spell). The king of birds Garuda subsequently freed Ram and Lakshman from the Nagpash by killing the serpen

Indrajit shot Brahmastrato kill Lakshman but when he came to know that Lakhsman had survived again, he went to his native deity’s secret temple to perform the yagna that would make him invincible. Vibhishana, Indrajit’s paternal uncle who left Ravan to join Ram in the name of truth and justice, learned of his nephew Indrajit’s routine through his spies and alerted Lord Ram. Lakshman and Vibhisan took the opportunity to face Indrajit in the “Yagnaagaar”, where Indrajit would not touch any weapons. Indrajit fought Lakshman with the utensils of the yagna and even managed to escape from there. But before Indrajit could get armed Lakshman chopped his head off his body in a brutal beheading with the Aindrastra. Upon his death his wife Sulochana became Sati on his funeral pyre.

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