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✅Top 10 Worst States for Education. Some need to be avoided at all costs.

What is going on everyone? Who wants to
know what state to move to if you want to better your chances of having an
underachiever for a child I know I did about 20 years ago when my kids started
hitting high school age I wanted to leave California and find a better State
for education and I need to know which ones to avoid my kids started off in
Redondo Beach Unified School District in California up until high school it’s a
great school district it’s a nice place for your kids to grow and learn great
schools great teachers then you get to the high school when my oldest was a
freshman at Redondo Union High School I realized something had to change I
actually left the state and moved to Oregon so my kids could get a better
education back in those days you didn’t have a thousand websites grading schools
you had to go by word of mouth really that was the main thing I’d gone to a
high school about four blocks away in the next town over Torrance California I
went to West Torrance high it was about 20 years earlier than my kids were
hitting high school and even back then when I was in high school
Redondo High sucked I thought had gotten better over the years I mean you can’t
continually just suck forever right but a couple of people told me no that it
was a good school now and it gotten better one of those people being my
cousin’s ex-wife should have known better right then it’s still sucked and
the summer after my son’s freshman year we were living in Oregon some of you
might be in the same situation that I was in if you’re looking for a new state
with good schools these videos for you it’s going to list the ones you should
scratch off your list now as always when dealing with something like this we’re
talking about averages I’m sure you could find a couple diamonds in the
rough in each state maybe a good school district here or a great school whatever
we’re talking averages I’m in that category
I moved Oregon for better schools and organs on this list and you’ll see later
that being said why don’t just sit back and watch my top ten worst states to
educate your kids number 10 Idaho so we start off at the Gem State Idaho has a
lot going for it but schools wouldn’t be one of those things they have the 10th
worst graduation rate in the country at seventy nine point seven percent and if
you read the comments section of anything I’ve ever made about Idaho one
would assume the only thing they’re teaching these kids in Idaho schools
would be how to correct people on how to save Boise while you
poor English grammar they also wouldn’t notice that I switch back and forth by
saying Boise and Boise there’s a reason for it which they have include into yet
but we’ll move on Idaho spends the second lowest per student at seventy one
hundred dollars a year I guess they’re saving money by not hiring English
teachers or something and to all the people in Idaho California and Libertad
are not real words let it go number nine
Michigan four states east of Idaho you have the Wolverine State Michigan
Michigan as you know is home to two of the worst cities the country has to
offer Detroit and Flint over the last decade or three Detroit has been in bad
shape and really schools are the least of their problems schools are ranked
right behind too many people living in poverty too many bail bondsmen roaming
the streets and too many payday loan locations on the streets basically
Michigan is two or three more cities like Flint away from being the next
Mississippi the graduation rate in Michigan is seventy nine point six
percent but they still spend a good amount of money per student with the
20th highest in the nation number eight Arizona heading down to the
Southwest you have the desert state of Arizona and before you do stop typing I
know it’s not 100 percent desert good portion of it is that’s what it’s known
for someone always has to explain Flagstaff to us okay we get it Flagstaff
has some trees a majority of the state is desert like I said deal with it
Arizona spends the third-lowest per student in the country and it shows the
graduation rate is seventy nine point five percent and here’s a strange story
coming out of the schools that I read while I was researching this video now
this doesn’t really have dude their education it just it needs to be shared
an assistant football coach at Mountain Pointe High School in Phoenix was
leaking game plans to opposing teams for three years nobody really knows why he
just started sending out game plans and not just the local rival football teams
like he had a axe to grind against the school he worked for you know and he’s
trying to get at him he was actually sending it out to out-of-state teams
that were maybe coming in town to play them it was weird
I don’t understand that one at all and happen like three weeks ago I don’t know
if there’s a big investigation going on with it or the police are involved but
it’s just weird number seven Georgia hey look we’re
talking about a southern state on negative list and it’s not Mississippi
number seven is Georgia on this list of shame the Peach State is known for a lot
of things including not as many kids lasting all four years in high school as
they’d like only about seventy nine point four
percent of the students get that piece of paper oddly enough this is only one
of two southern states on this list normally when it’s a negative or a worst
of list the videos filled with southern states not education a few of them are
actually in the top five for the best graduation rates Tennessee and West
Virginia West Virginia’s third highest graduation rate in the country that’s
amazing now back to Georgia they are the 15th lowest when it comes
to per pupil spending Georgia’s great place with a lot of good things going
for it they have some amazing universities it’s just when it comes to
spending on the below university level they’re not really doing it and it shows
a lot like some of the other states number six Colorado and on to the
Centennial state Colorado the nickname for Colorado is the Centennial state
because Centennial means 100 and Colorado became the 38th state a hundred
years and about a month after the United States became a country not a lot of
people know that and I get the feeling that not a lot of people that have gone
through the education system in Colorado know that either
only about seventy eight point nine percent of the students graduate high
school in Colorado putting them at the sixth worst in the country
Bravo Colorado they’re also the thirteenth lowest state when it comes to
per student spending all that money they’ve been making off those weed tax
you think they’d be able to bump that up a touch not Colorado number five Louisiana and on to the
Pelican state Louisiana our second and final southern state on this list
there’s 4.6 million people living in this state and a bunch of them haven’t
graduated high school they actually have a lot of people that have never cracked
the graduating fifth grade code either only 78.6% of the students will wear
that ridiculous hat at the end of their four years in high school but a bunch of
them will wear a hairnet for far too many years after the year they should
have graduated high school this might be why Louisiana has some cities with some
crazy crime rates one of the best things you can do to lower a city’s crime rate
is to keep the kids in school kids that stay in school and graduate have a
better outlook on the future and more opportunities they are also less likely
to point a firearm at you and take your stuff number four Alaska and now for big jump
downwards we have the great state of Alaska it is a great state that is until
you start looking at education numbers then it looks more like the mediocre
state only seventy six point one percent of the students will graduate high
school good thing for these kids Alaska has a bunch of jobs that don’t require a
high school diploma now this is where we get someone that explains that their job
in Alaska they needed a bachelor’s degree or something like that and I
don’t know what I’m talking about I’m talking about averages okay move on now
here’s where the last frontier gets a little strange and yes that is their
nickname the last frontier Alaska is ranked as the fourth worst in graduation
rates but they spend the fourth most per pupil in the country I think somebody’s
getting hosed here not getting their money’s worth number three Oregon and now for my
current home state Oregon you remember the place I moved my kids to for a
better education that actually has a lower graduation rate than the one I
it’s just weird anyway the thing is this I left a bad school in California for a
good school in Oregon like I said you could find a diamond in the rough when
you’re looking for schools in a certain state or city or whatever I wouldn’t say
my kids Oregon high school is a diamond let’s just say it’s like a ruby in the
rough not as valuable I don’t know where as the California high school was a turd
in the rough the graduation rate in Oregon is an embarrassing seventy four
point eight percent that is sad come on Oregon now they’re middle of the road on
per pupil spending at just under eleven thousand dollars per year per student
but yeah that that’s seventy four point eight percent that one’s hard – that
one’s hard to take number two Nevada coming in at number
two is the silver state Nevada and that is their official nickname I actually
had an argument with someone who thought it was actually Sin City state yeah that
was the thing this was before everyone had a smartphone so when I got home I
emailed to her and she was irritated and got all mad and said I’ve made it and I
had to explain to her how to look it up she looked up and then she never talked
about it again she’s irritating a couple years later she convinced me my kids
high school in California was a good one on average only seventy three point six
percent of the students entering high school will graduate Nevada Nevada also
is the ninth lowest in spending per student they’ve been this way for a very
long time and if you’ve watching my other videos it’s really strange that
their schools look like prisons they like have the same architect that
designed their prisons it’s really strange and number one New Mexico
congratulations New Mexico you’re slowly becoming the new Mississippi
if you thought all the other states on this list we’re in bad shape when it
comes to education buckle up it’s gonna get ugly in the land of disenchantment
only 71 percent of the students will graduate high school that’s right
71 percent they’re almost two entire percentage points lower than the next
one on this list it’s like they’re trying to not graduate kids it’s really
weird now they do spend almost 10k per pupil every year so it’s not like
they’re you know starving for money or lack of funding they have some money for
the kids but what’s going on they now to be honest the state has some serious
hurdles when it comes to things like poverty but come on man pull it together
New Mexico by far is the worst when it comes to education in the United States
all right so that is my top 10 worst states for education I hope you guys
enjoyed it I hope you got some information out it’s kind of a bummer
this list but you know it’s got to be told anyway don’t forget to leave a
comment tell me what you thought give me a big thumbs up don’t forget to
subscribe if you already haven’t everybody have a great day be nice to
each other

25 Replies to “✅Top 10 Worst States for Education. Some need to be avoided at all costs.”

  • I live in Salem, Oregon. And thought Oregon was better than were I was B4. Tucson Az.. Where do u find these statistics? I would like to know more Information So I can get my little one in to a better school.

  • I moved to Oregon for the same reason a few years ago. Just recently back in May 2019 teachers stage a walk out for more funding. With the graduation rate so low I dont believe teachers should get paid more. Only after they bring up the graduation rate should they get paid more. I'm sure many people especially teachers will disagree but I look at the problem logically.

  • This dude said that Louisiana has high crime rate. But all of my family has been to college and i rarely ever hear crime in my state…

  • Arizona is not all desert. Have you ever been to Flagstaff? In Flagstaff, you got mountains and trees and shit like that.

  • There are isolated places of high education in Nevada…They also deal with high legal and illegal immigration. Complexicated…

  • Oh Briggs QUIT being so PISSED OFF so you slept with your cousin's ex and she divorced him
    and stopped seeing you LOL. There are plenty of other women out there YOU'LL FIND LOVE ONE DAY!
    I say that because you sound like a DUMB MALE IN HEAT and military guys are ALWAYS sleeping with
    in-laws. If she just had a bad breakup with your cousin & no sex with you shouldn't you be over it by now?

  • Any one else notice how many “wealthy” states or what you might think of wealthy states are on this list. Scary

  • I do not know how necessary a high school diploma is, Briggs. I have sat down with folks working on their G. E. D. programs, and I have been very surprised at the high standards required for that G. E. D. A person with that diploma has received an excellent secondary education. Almost all of those (in my ken) who got their G. E. D. went on to some form of higher education or vocational training. And they all continued to do quite well. As an employer, I was open and welcoming to folks with G. E. D. 's. I knew for sure those people could read and write, and that they had very good general educations. Their work performance was invariably excellent, justifying my high expectations of them.

    By contrast, too many people who graduated from public high schools were hit-or-miss in the work place. It seemed that a significant number of them had high school diplomas issued concurrently with their birth certificates. Not only was their work performance sub-standard, but their social skills and general communication skills were poor, and I am being restrained. Hence, my skepticism at the quality of American public education.

  • I'm a little uncertain about placing so much emphasis on graduation rate, only because since the standards and practices vary, I wonder if some of the states that have higher graduation rates might be passing kids and allowing them to graduate when the same students might not make it through in another state.

    Anyone know anything about this? I could be wrong, just a thought.

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