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14 Ways to Obtain Gold Bars | Exploration Quest | Map Occupation | LifeAfter

Hey guys, It’s Jhamz here and here’s 14 Ways
to Obtain Gold. Let’s Go! 1st Completing Area Quests,
Daily quests can be a source of gold, by completing a specific quest ” The Resource Points” in
every area including autumn forest,sand castle, snow highlands, mouth swamp, and mount snow. You can claim these quests in the safe houses. Daily quests resets at 3:00am 2nd Trading Market, Trading market is the
best source of gold. You can sell various items categorized by
weapons,armors,resources,usables, furniture,outfits, and drones. You should sell items with accordance with
your job. For loggers, you can sell wood cores, twigs,
oak seedlings, hard wood vines, and more! It is recommended to lower your price for
higher chance of selling! Upon successfully selling, the system will
notify you and proceed to your private mail box to recieve your gold. You can access market in Hope 101, trade cities
or in television. In camp you can get access to televisions
in cable car sheds. 3rd Exploration, Being a mighty explorer can
give you quite amount of gold! Successfully finding all treasure chests in
an area will provide you a sweet amount of claimable gold. Spot the chests in the following areas: 4th Camp Achievements, Your camp will also
provide some gold once reached a specific development achievement. 5th Camp Patrols , Protect your camp and get
some gold. Go to your camp’s bulletin and select the
difficulty you’d wanna go. The harder the higher gold. Camp patrols are quite easy, slaying are the
most common tasks. 6th Area Special Events, Participating in
area limited quests such as ” The Best Loggers”, “Gathering Hemps” and Gathering Stones”. 7th Mystic Creature Killer, Mystic creatures
rarely appears but killing one will provide good amount of gold, killing stronger creature
more gold! 8th Personal Achievements, Achieving various
achievements can result in a huge amount of gold! Reaching specific achievement points will
reward you with so much gold. Chech manual to see all needed requirements
in achieving. 9th University Quests, Completing miska university
quests will provide enough gold. 10th Survival Manual, Completing your survival
newbie missions will provide various amount of gold. 11th Benefits, Purchasing hope fund can instantly
provide huge amount of gold! It is 14.99$. 12th Credits Conversion, If you had purchased
federation credits , you can use it to buy gold bars. The ratio is 1:100. 13th Manor Raids, Indirect way to earn gold! Raid someone’s manor and successfully steal
items, stolen items can be sold. 14th Map Occupation, Probably really hard
to achieve but worth the investment. It is confusing for me to understand so it
is highly recommended to visit Andy in the town hall.

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