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2 Things That’s Saving Rajon Rondo’s NBA Career!

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you with my intellect STAY TUNED! Throughout Rondo’s career he would get
into a lot of arguments with his coaches but the reason why he would get into a
lot of arguments with his coaches is because the amount of IQ that he has for
the game he thinks he knows more than his coaches do to the point where you
can’t even correct him because during a film session after the
Celtics lost in Game two versus the Miami Heat
back in the 2011 playoffs in the second round it was reported that Rondo lost
his temper when his mistakes that he committed in Game two were being
mentioned after that he decided to call out his teammates for making mistakes in
game twos loss because he felt the blame was being put all on him and he was also
speaking really loud and using curse words then that’s when Doc Rivers got
mad and stood up and responded to what Rondo was saying and then Rondo got
even more mad and decided to throw a water bottle and he ended up shattering
the video screen but this wouldn’t be the only time that he would get into an
altercation with Doc Rivers But this wasn’t the only altercation that Rondo has had with a head coach
during his career Rondo would get traded to the Dallas
Mavericks on December the 18th back in 2014 and he would get into a lot of
arguments with Rick Carlisle he was even suspended for one game after
arguing with Rick Carlisle on the court he only played for 46 games with the
Mavericks that season then Rondo would end up on the Sacramento Kings and
George Karl even said this about him After Rondo left the Kings to
go to the Bulls to play for them for the 2016 to 17 season this is how you know
Rondo was a thorn in George Karl’s side while Rondo’s short tenure with the Kings
so we all know that Rondo is currently playing for the Pelicans right now I
mean if you don’t know that you must be living under a rock but if you take it
in this is Rondo’s 5th team that he’s been on in
the last three years so this goes to show how detrimental he was on the teams
that he was on before due to his behavior towards his coaches in the past
but shockingly Rondo is still in the league a lot of players wouldn’t get this
much chances now here are the two things that saving Rondo’s career number one
getting along with his coaches Rondo knew that if he continued to argue with
his coaches that it would cost him his NBA career because he knew that teams
wouldn’t want to pick him up because he’s always been known as a player that
is detrimental to any team that he’s on plus teams don’t mind not having him
anymore it’s not like years ago when it was being said that he’s one of the best
or the best point guards in the league the game has changed a lot now with the
emergence of point guards being able to shoot especially from the three-point
line and on top of that some of these players can do everything on the court
as well not to shoot they can pass the ball and score any way that they want to
and they make their teammates better they’re not just able to shoot only and
they have really high IQ for the game as well and this includes players like
Damian Lillard, Stephen Curry, Kyrie Irving and more…those are the point guards that
most teams are looking for these days especially in the draft because teams
know that you have to be a jump shooting team in order to win a championship
these days and how lethal a team can be with a point guard that can shoot
unfortunately most people don’t value point guards like Rajon Rondo anymore
only a few people do because he doesn’t have a jump shot and his game is not
flashy like the other point guards in the NBA to me Rondo is still one of the
best pure point guards in the league Rondo started to change his attitude
when he was on the Chicago Bulls last season there were some ups and downs
because he got suspended one game because it was reported that he got into
an argument with the Bulls assistant coach Jim Boylan
after the Bulls lost to the Mavericks in a game but things do happen its life
because look at what happened with Giannis and one of the Bucks assistant
coaches this past season they got into an argument and Giannis is one of the
nicest NBA players in the league he doesn’t get himself into any type of
trouble and for Rondo at least it wasn’t a head coach for the team this time
which is an upgrade because he usually goes at it with the head coach there was
even a time where Rondo got benched as well and this is how Rondo reacted to
him getting benched I felt like in my opinion he handled it in a mature way
Rondo said Rondo could have handled it
in a worst way just like how Hassan Whiteside handled
not getting enough minutes this past season like he did in previous seasons
and tried to talk bad about his coach and send a message to the front office
but Rondo didn’t handle it that way he just sucked it up and kept going along
with things I feel like if it was a couple of years ago Rondo would handle
getting benched just like how Hassan Whiteside handled getting his minutes
cut so this is proof that Rondo grew as a person things would go in the right
direction after this because Ronda would find his way back into the starting
lineup and there was no problems after this because Fred Hoiberg
would even praise Rondo a number of times saying stuff like this The Bulls even wanted to bring back
Rondo because that’s how good he was for the team the vice president of
basketball operations for the Bulls John Paxson who actually played for the Bulls
he won three championships with them back in the 90s he said that and this is
coming from a man that knows the game because he played the game so he knows
what’s good and what’s bad for a team in New Orleans this past season there were
no altercations involving Rondo and any coach at all except for one time Alvin
Gentry had to bench Rondo because he never gave effort defensively in a game
versus the Utah Jazz but other than that there has not been any problems and
Alvin Gentry gives Rondo a lot of freedom Alvin Gentry said and these are words from Rondo himself after a game one win against the
Portland Trailblazers this past playoff series he said number two his playoff performance it’s
proven that Rondo shows up when it comes to the playoffs in last year’s playoff
with the Bulls he averaged 11.5 points 3.5 steals
10 assists and 8.5 rebounds in just two games the Bulls would win the first two
games in the series they were the eighth seed and they were upsetting the Boston
Celtics who were the number one seeded team last season but unfortunately
Rondo would go on to break his right thumb and he would be out for the rest
of the playoffs and the Celtics went on to win the series in six games in my
opinion if Rondo never got injured the Bulls would have beat the Celtics and
it would be 2007 all over again where a 8th seeded team beat the number
one seeded team when the number 8 seeded team Golden State Warriors beat the
number one seeded Dallas Mavericks back in the 2007 playoffs this playoffs Rondo
has been proving this again by averaging 11 points 13 assists 7.5 rebounds in
four games after the Pelicans upset and swept the Trail Blazers Portland was the
third seed and the Pelicans were the sixth seed and a big part of this was
because of Rondo because he sets up the guys really well and he has a lot of
playoff experience and we all know that he’s won a ring with the Celtics back in
the 2008 playoffs he also helps players flourish whether that be on the court or
off the court and he just fits with the Pelicans he’s finally found a home and
he’s happy playing there by Rondo showing up when it comes to the playoffs
it puts everyone on notice that he can be a very important piece to a team and
just because he doesn’t play like your average modern-day point guard that can
shoot from all over the floor and that’s flashy he’s still a point guard that a
lot of teams should have because they can use his veteran experience and IQ
plus he still has a lot of gas left in the tank but that’s how Rondo is saving
his NBA career but that’s it for the video guys and like I always say please
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