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2020 Census Jobs – Be A Census Taker (Getting Started)

[MUSIC] Welcome to Be a Census Taker – 2020 Census Jobs. My name is Joni Crestwell and I’m with the
U.S. Census Bureau. We’d like to share how easy it is to apply
for any of the thousands of open jobs in communities across the country. [ANCR] The application process happens online and
takes about 30 minutes. You’ll answer simple questions about your
education, work and other experience. Because the Census Bureau needs to fill thousands
of positions across the country, recruiting efforts are already underway. Apply now and your application remains in
the applicant pool for the entire 2020 Census cycle. You can also update the information on your
application at any time by logging in to the account you created when you applied and submitting
the changes. After you submit your application, you can
keep track of your status by logging in to your account. You’ll also receive email notifications. We’ll reach out to potential hires to conduct
a phone interview. The job offers are made verbally, and followed
up by a confirmation via email. The next step is to schedule an appointment
to get your fingerprints done for the background check. Once your background check clears, you will
be scheduled for training. The details for training will be determined
by the position and operation for which you’ve been selected to work. Most importantly, you will be paid for training
time. Now you’re probably wondering about scheduling. That’s one of the great features of these
jobs. The hours are flexible, and include days,
evenings, and even weekends. And jobs for the 2020 Census offer competitive
wages that are paid weekly, along with authorized expenses such as mileage. It’s a great way to earn some extra income
and play an important role in shaping the future of your community. Be a part of this historic event. Join the 2020 Census team. Applying online is easy. Visit 2020 census dot gov slash jobs and click
the apply now button. If you’d like to learn more before you apply,
please watch additional videos in this series. Thanks again.

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