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3 Major Resume Mistakes to Avoid at All Costs | Fast Company

– [Narrator] You might
want to write this down. The three biggest resume
mistakes to avoid. Number one, using the
resume for multiple jobs. Yes, it’s much easier to send
one resume to 100 job postings but you’ll probably have a
better chance statistically if you send 10 or 20
resumes that you’ve tailored to each company and job description. When recruiters go through
your resume they’re looking for reasons to say no. If you give them a cookie
cutter one that’s a strong reason for them to move
yours to the no pile. Number two, not making
it easy for recruiters to skim your resume. Recruiters spend on average
7.4 seconds skimming your resume. So you want to make
sure that they know your point of difference. Don’t stuff too many key
words or put generic skills on top of your resume. Instead make sure to highlight your skills and quantifiable
achievements on the top half so that they wanna keep scrolling down. The chances are they’re
reading on a screen. Number three, making your resume vague. Don’t put your trendy job
title that no one understands and make sure that you include
quantifiable achievements in your resume. It’s milestones and figures
that will make recruiters want to move you along to the next stage of the hiring process. And for more resume tips and
advice listen to our podcasts secrets of the most productive people.

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