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3 Unexpectedly Perfect Careers For ENFPs – Dreams Around The World

Hey Dan here and in this video I want to
share with you three career options that many ENFPs assume they would suck at or
are turned off by but in reality can be the cream of the crop for ENFPs and
careers where ENFPs can find a ton of success. if this is your first time on
the channel my name is Dan this is dreams around the world and my mission
is to help you become the best version of yourself.
So the first career that many ENFPs are really turned off by but ENFPs can be
really good at is sales and promotion. Come on we all know this is true you’ve
had the moments where you’ve been trying to get your friend to go with you to a
party or you’ve got into a cause I mean there’s not an ENFP in the world who
hasn’t been vegan or keto or bulletproof or whatever thing at some point in their
life, we tend to be a little crazy that way and when we are promoting something
we really care about we are extremely good at it. I think we
all know that is true right now why most ENFPs are turned off by sales and
promotion is our perception of what sales needs to be. We think sales is
about being really pushy, forceful and we think that if something is good you
don’t need to sell it right so therefore sales is just about selling things
people don’t need which anyone who knows about psychology or marketing that we
know that’s not true that you need to influence and promote if you want to
have people do anything, if you want people to exercise more and be happier
like governments have programs where they basically promote exercise or
promote health and like they need to market it and promote it because people
need that in order to change in anything and as an ENFP you have the gift of the
gab and the ability to influence and to sell and to promote when and this is
very important when you believe in the cause so when you are aligned with
something you really like to do now if like me you had a sales job in the past
I did door-to-door sales and Furley two weeks telemarketing for my university to
get donations I did not enjoy that right but I did not really care about the
cause and so often as an ENFP you’ll get a job as a teenager maybe
having to sell something and you don’t like it why because you’re selling
something that you don’t really like and you don’t care about it your boss isn’t
very good like you’re learning sales from someone two years older who doesn’t
really know what they’re doing and then you get turned off of it for your whole
life like nope don’t want to do sales try that is terrible never again right
well that’s why you’re turned off because you had a terrible experience
with it. Trust me, when you get aligned with the right organization or product
or whatever it is for you you can do really well in sales and promotions and
actually really enjoy it. The second career path ENFPs can flourish in is
entrepreneurship and some of you ENFPs know this where they’re like
yeah I want to work for myself I could never have a boss that’s perfect
but sometimes we look at certain types of entrepreneurs like imagine the guy
who owns 12 McDonald’s or someone who’s built a massive corporation like GE or
Microsoft and I would argue that ENFPs tend not to be Empire builders we’re not
going to be someone who builds a traditional like mining company or steel
Empire or financial powerhouse, those aren’t the kind of entrepreneurs ENFPs
are but with the right sort of business an ENFP can be an exceptionally good
entrepreneur and in most cases not all I think that is more of a lifestyle
business and what I mean by lifestyle business is a business that will maybe
max out it’s somewhere between 1 or 9 and 12 employees somewhere in there
that’s focused on a cause, that’s fun that’s not too rigid, versus say a
performance business where you’re looking at 20 30 50 people or building
more of an empire right 500 a thousand people I’m sure there are many ENFP
business founders who started a company and loved it during the first year or
two and then got investments and then grew and then had to have an HR
department in the legal department it was like nope I’m done this is not for
me so ENFPs great entrepreneurs in the early stage and in more lifestyle
based companies at least that’s my theory. On it the third career that ENFPs can do really well in but maybe don’t think about as much as they should
is writing. ENFPs can be awesome writers if you look up famous ENFPs
there are a ton of great novelist journalist we are good at
communication and we can be really passionate about something and pour that
into our writing to share that message now within the writing field there are
many things you can do in fact I think four years ago I created a course on an
introduction to being a freelance writer and I went through all the different
options and there’s dozens of ways you can earn money writing a few that I
think are extra appealing for ENFPs is maybe being a freelance journalist
although I say that hesitantly because journalism is in a very bad state these
days and I probably would not want to be involved with it but like an
investigative journalist traditionally any and if you would love you have
adventure you can uncover injustice you can share a message could be really cool
be very careful about where you work these days second thing is being a
copywriter this is what I did when I was a freelance writer and traveling the
world I was doing copywriting which means doing marketing writing for
companies I would often work with coaches and small businesses and
basically help them identify like who they are what they’re passionate about
what their message is and then convey that to their audience and I really
loved that because I was connecting with people and then helping people that I
believed in promote themselves so that worked really well and the third option
of course is to write articles to write books that more of a traditional writer
that we think of it’s a different business model than working with clients
but it’s something that can work really well and of course you can mix these I
have written books I write articles all the time and I have written for my own
copywriting and marketing and I’ve written for a dozens of companies as a
copywriter so often as a writer you will mix all these there are some people who
are primarily authors or primarily journalists or that sort of thing but
you can definitely mix all these together that is the beauty of writing
once you learn how to write you can of course write in many many different ways
and I’d be crazy to not mention that if you do want to become a freelance writer
I highly suggest signing up for a free training I have called the life design
approach I tell many stories about building my own writing career about
traveling well being a freelance copywriter and how I just got started
including writing books you can sign up for that at dreams around-the-world
slash free training I’ll put a link below in the comments and description as
well and yeah you’ll enjoy it tell some pretty hilarious stories and
share a lot of insights into how I got started so in the comments below answer
me this the three career options I covered sales and promotion,
entrepreneurship and writing – did your view of them change after this video? How
did you think of them before and how do you think of them now let me know below
in the comments and as always I publish new videos every Sunday, Tuesday and
Thursday at 6 a.m. Eastern so hit that subscribe button, hit the bell and I will
catch you in the next video soon. Thanks for watching!

48 Replies to “3 Unexpectedly Perfect Careers For ENFPs – Dreams Around The World”

  • Here's where you can sign up for my free Life Design Approach training that I mention in the video: (training emails 4 and 5 contain some pretty hilarious personal information and stories)

  • Hey Dan, love your videos, I find them very helpful and empowering 😁 I have often thought I’m really good at selling but only if I 100% believe in the cause/product, I think this is what I find so difficult about working in hospitality or retail, as a vegan 👋🏼🌱 I really struggle working in non vegan establishments and with fast fashion being such a huge environment and human rights/ethics problem I can’t sell clothes, (I boycott a lot of things) selling products that are wasteful and unnecessary I really can’t do and many people around me don’t understand my struggle 😩 I would love to make money “selling” I guess promoting veganism and I do it for free now through outreach it’s just monetising it I struggle with, like the how, there’s so many vegan influencers selling recipe ebooks etc already. I want to work for myself that’s been a known for a long time and the way you described it for us ENFPS makes a lot of sense. I’ve randomly thought a lot about writing recently, I’d like to have a website where I can share articles on my life lessons that could help others, veganism, low impact living etc I could definitely do with some practice and training though! Maybe skills share could help! Thanks for the video, I respect your consistency, I have a channel and damnnnn I’m so inconsistent 😂😭🤦🏻‍♀️😂

  • I worked 2 weeks in telecom marketing and my boss was not happy with me because I talked to long with a lonely old lady and didn't sell anything. She made my day though and I realized that was not my kind of work 🤣 now I'm a entrepreneur and sell what I truly believe in❤

  • Wow if this wasn't confirmation, I dont know what is lol! I have been writing my story/testimony for a little while now and I just decided yesterday to get my real estate license!! So I guess all three apply to me!!! Thanks for the video

  • So I was an automation specialist for three years, and shifted jobs as a business analyst in just three months, I wanna get a business analyst role, but someone in the HR told me, my skills are for Systems Analyst since I can study on my own, any chance that this job is perfect for me?

  • I blanched at Sales/Promo but I do have the gift of gab. For an empath, it’s odd that I don’t mind small talk. I also realized whatever the topic is, I have four or five uniquely funny thoughts ready at hand, should things start flagging. When I speak or share at my 12:Step groups, two people will cringe and four people will buttonhole me after the meeting to thank me for speaking and to learn more. I love groups, mics, and taking chances on my feel for what the group needs most. Everyone says I write well. My grammar and punctuation are self taught, however chatting with a few novelist’s editors, I learned that a few of my fave authors can’t spell or use grammar correctly-their editors take care that (!)

  • Write blogs, I found that I am actually good at writing. And I do sales and marketing I'm an ENFP-T I didn't like door to door sales but I was good at it I remember making 1800 dollars in one afternoon at door to door and averaging 600 – 400 a day selling gardening services and performing them on the spot.

    Thanks for your advice

  • Being a salesman for an overpriced aggressive company with high repetitive outbound call volume, I hated it.

    But if I could sell something that's actually worthwhile and can actually help society, I think I would like it.

  • Yes, i'm definitely good at 'the sell', but if i'm not Totally Into the product: ain't gonna happen.
    Don't have copy-writing training.
    Writing: I've been told my whole life that i'm gifted in writing, should be a writer, etc…I just don't have the passion/inspiration. i dunno, maybe i'm just depressed.

  • Its funny I actually thought I would hate sales! When I first started real estate I worked for a demanding brokerage and it wasn’t fun – really pushy etc. when I switched to working with buyers and just educated people letting them make their own decisions and building relationships etc.. I loved it. I think your right about what you think enfp’s are good at. There is something to this stuff! Thanks.

  • I been in sells seen the fourth grade. I sold candy and made 40 bucks in my second day after that it all went down hill when my teacher saw a bunch of little kids around me with dollar bills lol

  • If this man were really an ENFP the video would be 30 seconds long because we all know no ENFP would maintain their attention span across this entire video

  • Your description of sales as an ENFP was spot on! I briefly had a customer service job that had sales quotas and I hated it. With the product line I always felt like I was scamming someone. Icky. Now I have a side project selling things I make and it's easy to share what I love and believe in.

  • Entrepeneurship!

    Are you into astrology, Dan? Me, I'm an Aquarius Sun, Aries Moon.

    I find that it blends nicely with the Briggs-Meyers personality types.

    Anyway, I dream of revolutionizing the way we perceive the world. What do I mean? I don't know yet, but existence is mysterious and magical and I want to wake the inner child in people. Big words, a cynic would scuff at me, and I'd laugh heartily and indignantly in their face! Haha.

    To infinity and beyond! 👽👆🏃🔥⚡

  • Also an ENFP.
    Ironically, this did not change my opinion on any of these careers and job types. They have all been in my work experience, and you are right. I have been very competent and strong in each of them. Thanks for putting them out there.

  • I love sales and promotion. Currently I am running a small clothing business and also doing most of Business Development work that includes sales. I quit my job last year because I thought I could just work for myself. Now I think it's time to go to the next level as I love sales. So I applied to a Bulgarian company and I might hear good news from them. Still waiting…

  • This is so accurate. I'm an ENFP. I have been promoting things I really concerned about. I have just started my own business. And nowadays I'm writing articles for fun and becoming a copywriter as my side-job. 🙂

  • What are non-corporate jobs for ENFPs? I hate the corporate environment and the idea of wearing a suit makes me nauseous. Incredibly lost on how to use my degrees…

  • I'm applying to do a nursing course at uni, finally found a career that I think I'll be good at! I've always wanted to do a job that is rewarding, gives back, makes me feel like I've done something with my life. Uses my compassionate and communicative side too!

  • As a someone who is slowly growing my jewelry making and selling business, I completely agree with you 🙂

  • 1. Sales and marketing (when you believe in the cause)

    2. Entrepreneurship (often lifestyle type of business, not rigid and usually around 12 employees)

    3. Writing! (Agreed!)

    For those of you ENFPs who can’t focus through this entire video

  • Can you elaborate on; focus on a cause in a lifestyle based entrepreneurial venture. (I've just started a coaching course. You have opened my eyes, can't thank you enough)

  • Interesting! I am currently a vegan ENFP, who works in Sales, while building her own lifestyle business and writes songs for fun 😊.

  • On point again, Dan! Thank you! I've always thoughts Sales and Marketing was never for because of the bad experience I had 3 years ago. I didn't believe much in the product, and the boss I had was very pushy (Thinking of targets, and quotas). I resigned and neglected anything about sales forever. Only to find out now, as ENFPS we have core gifts to influence others — we just needed to fight for something we truly believe in!
    Thanks Dan!

  • Thank you for giving me clarity on things that I enjoy AND can actually do well. (And things NOT, like managing in the corporate world, NEVER AGAIN!)

  • I’m an ENFP and have 2 creative businesses where I sell what I make and I’m a Professional Organizer helping others to change their lives. I do have a LTG to start a blog.

  • Funny enough I absolutely hate English/writing classes, but love writing novels and short stories. My favorite part is the research that goes into it. I know I want to be a teacher, though. I just cant figure out what I want to teach! I like all of it at some point or another.

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