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30 Upcoming PC Space Games in 2019 & 2020 ► New Sci-fi, Open World, Sandbox, Sim!

100 Replies to “30 Upcoming PC Space Games in 2019 & 2020 ► New Sci-fi, Open World, Sandbox, Sim!”

  • It's the Space list for 2019/2020! I know many of you have been starved for single-player gameplay and there are many with that this year. EXTRA GAMES! Starpoint Gemini 3 and Starbase were announced. By the way, Outer Worlds and Stellar Tactics are not here. Tough one, but those fall more on the RPG side right now, plus 'Space Games' doesn't just mean games set in space. A sci-fi RPG is still an RPG. Also, question of the day, what do you think is the most important aspect of a space game? Meanwhile, you can check out more lists like this one here: AND I have a space gaming playlist here:

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  • Must say empyrion and stationeers are my 2 favorites on all of his lists, tried osiris and wasn't impressed

  • You missed Dual Universe
    It has a Roadmap and is in Alpha right now. Release is set to end of 2020

  • I liked the video but you should have added empyrionGalactic survival to the list it's in Early Access on steam

  • Funny crap about Starsector, it's about 90% done while the other EA titles in the video are generally speaking not even ready for a Beta candidate.

  • Star Citizen is such a great game that it will be out when we just colonized a new homeworld….and that's a promise.

  • I would love to find a game that has an industry side, player market, multiple sectors etc, like how EVE Online has it. In 3 years, I was a master of 0.0 capital construction, POS bases all over, I was in absolute control of the trade in 3 regions, even building up new trade hubs that turned a constellation into something that barely had 50 players in it, to something that regularly had 300 players in it. Tech2, research, BPCopying, faction item trade, as well as while I had multiple alts mining resources. Everything but wormhole stuff. I would love to find a game that is all of or almost all of that but is not EVE. It does not even have to be an online game, though I would prefer it.

  • There was a time when they said nobody wanted space games. Then they realized when they actually asked people or was it when Kickstarter began. they realized yes people want this. then what happens is they bring out tons of games on space genre. and theres not many that are actually any good. then peopel get tired of the crap. and then game companys will say again peopel are not interested in sapce games anymore. and teh cycle goes on nobody learns anything

  • You forgot Void Destroyer 2. Also, you could add the platforms (Windows, Linux, Mac etc.), it would be very useful information (I for one only use Linux).

  • My God that all looks awful. Nothing there with the character of the original 'Privateer', which is what, 25 years old? The pc gaming industry is a colossal failure.

  • Starsector is super good but it has hit a huge rut. The developer is an asshole banning people ALOT for voicing their opinion and updates comes at a sloths pace. Modding community is dying too….hate to say it but with the banning of players for voicing shitty updates and sloth like development has killed it before it can even get up. ITS FINE because I will buy the right to the game eventually and actually work on it

  • Nice upcoming  GZ  I started playing space engineer two week ago love seeing all the space game out there thankyou GZ. have sub .

  • StarMade is a dead game and development has significantly slowed down since the steam realease. It is vaporwave, avoid like the plague.

  • OMFG another video that has been given the wrong name, if a game can be played when you make the video then it is not a upcoming game

  • blizzard is missing out on this genre and market for it. they have one of the greatest space fantasy universes and if they could give it to me in space mmo rts rpg open world its all i would play. like star citizen mixed with mass effect but in star craft universe.

  • Cool video, but get rid of the overlay. The game counter and name are useful, but the "links in description" message and the top bar are a waste of screen space.

  • Amazing list! The best I've seen. 😉 The story and (flight mechanics) is the most important in a space game for me. o7

  • Why does every frigging space game have to be a rubble simulator? Give us some space!

    Also; why no Empyrion Galactic Survival? Never seems to get a mention but is coming on well.

  • SQ42 is not out in 2020 they have only announced a "Beta" meaning they have no confidence in it and don't want it being reviewed for consumers BEFORE they have to put down hard earned cash because some invested backer and MLM "ooh please use my referal code" type convinces you to try it.

    CIG have a 100% track record of under-delivery and missing dead-lines so I would put money on that not arriving next year. That game is supposed to be 'open' development but the vertical slices we've seen have not shown much game-play and release date information is always sparce because the 'open' material is all marketing, there is far more tangible information on all "closed" development games currently in production. Cyberpunk 2077 will wipe the floor with it in every respect, the developer has confidence in that game, hence it has a proper release date.

    They (CIG) have a road-map yes, but it says nothing and huge amounts of targets are simply swiped off to the right, it's just a carrot for the backer donkeys.They have no games under their belt and are focused on collecting pre-order cash and calling it 'crowd funding' for almost a decade.
    They say a fool and his money are easily parted. Wait for the reviews. Let's see them do a single damn thing that stands up on it's own merits. Don't give your credit card details to carnival folk.

  • So, we dont have any space MMO, only EVE Online?
    Star Trek Online – graphic like from 1990…
    Elite Dangerous – grind and grind with maximum 32 people in one instance.
    Star Citizen – when?…..
    any more?…

  • You forgot about exploration and discovery. That`s what I would say is 1 of the most important features of a space game!

  • Avorion is highly underrated because you can literally build anything. Here's an example of 100+hour build I made:

  • The ammount of games trying to go for Space engineers formula is too god damn high, and they are still missing something that i think it is imperative, NPCs/IA and a campaign with lore

  • Another game that recently came out of the dark is Starbase, and I think it looks so promising, I would highly recommend checking it out 😀

  • wtf ? is it me or about 25 of these games looks like early 90's graphic/gameplay ?? Looking forward for Dual Universe, i was hype about star citizen, but the kickstarter was back in 2012, and the game won't release untill 2024-2025, so i think ill go with dual universe instead

  • The only upcoming space games pushing the boundaries are Starcitizen and Dual Universe, where they are going for REALTIME MMO in space and a one shard universe. Starcitizen looks better than everything, while Dual Universe shows of what a full voxel based game can look like.

  • NKirkwall​"I can barely believe how many prettty games there are around right now, if only all of them played as nice as they look"….This chat member nailed it.

  • I want an actual MMO with missions and tactical combat from a 3rd-person view. Something along the lines of Star Trek Online but with far better graphics and concentrating on space instead of the lame ground combat.

  • should make a game like warframe, 4 player coop, hubs with lots of people, but in ships ofc, and yeah skins to buy so they make money. 3 mode's pvp small 5v5 space combat on a smallish map, medium 20v20 larg map, and big pvp 50v50 on a very big map you know with roids you can hide behind dust clouds to go in to , to stop sensors, different class ships to fly you know from a interceptor to a dreadnough. Give it a big star map to work around that would take along time to do. Give the pve side a story of ya know the old alien faction trying to take over the galaxy (The Morgus) so everyone has a common goal to get rid of this enemy.

  • It's a great list, except for Starmade. That game has been in alpha now for over 5-6 years, and hasn't moved very far. Once upon a time, It was cool, but… Performance and stability is worse. The community has shrunk 90% and is in shambles. They have no roadmap, no plan, play favorites, and argue with the community more than they listen. It is toxic. Stay. Away. Starmade has already failed and is dead, the devs just won't admit that killed it. Source: former player.

  • Why did you NOT show the demo nor animations or graphics for SQ42? The omission seems dubious at best, personal propaganda at worst.

  • Great video, there are plenty of those game that I didn't know.
    I've tried Nimbatus but it's blocks physics is a mess and the game itself isn't what I was searching for.
    I've got Space Engineers and it's a great game if you like space/planetary survival and building your land and space-crafts.
    These days I'm playing Avorion, it's quite more easy to progress and it's more alive.

  • I regularly play Space games and I can tell you now, a year later from this video being published…Space Engineers (new economy update), Star Citizen, No Mans Sky, etc are all very much better games.

    Many of those games you mentioned that seem decent, i havent heard of. It may be due to not being on Steam, which is my biggest source of new games.. but videos like this are what make me look into and often buy new games. Very short but well done description of each game, going through 30 games in 26minutes is impressive! Ill go look to see if you've got an updated version of this game being almost Q4 of 2019 🙂

  • here is a tip- star citizen was supposed to be playable 2 years ago – squadron 42 (not completed either) was the answer to CIoud Imperiums brutal squandering of time & money and WTF are you talking about – if either game is playable – WHERE THE HELL IS THE VIDEO – this review was just to gush about S42 but no video on actual game – things that make you go – oh sheeeeeiiit!!


  • I need help finding a game… I remember watching a video where its based on a single planet and you have one life or one day and each time after one day it resets and you need to try a different path, Its either already released or soon…

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