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5 Career Tips for Students in Engineering – Nathan Kituuma of Kituuma & Company LLC

– Even to your community, you asked the question about early advice to give to students who are about to enter
in the STEAM fields. Or try, who are already
in the STEAM fields. And I have five points to share. First, you gotta negotiate everything. I’m in a negotiations
class right now for my MBA and I’m just learning a whole ton of things about negotiation that are very important. My predisposition, my personality is pretty pose to be such that I’m not gonna
ask questions if I think the outcome is gonna be not in my favor, if I’m talking to superiors. But that’s changed over the years. But I’m still getting a
little bit more clearer now where if I knew that
it’s okay to negotiate because you’re given up a skill and you’re being paid for it. You should a say in what
that composition is like, how your work-life balance is, how you do your work, how people work with you. So, all these things you don’t have to take
anything for face value. The pie is not fixed. You can definitely, your gain should not feel
like another person’s loss. So, just negotiate everything. And another point that I’d like to say is, unless you consider the
consultant for a career. Again, I mention consultant as something that kind of helps
you, especially engineers. I’m seeing a lot more engineers
go back to business school looking to add to their
technical expertise and become experts at consulting. Because consulting friends
are looking for people with technical expertise who can solve some of
their biggest problems. And being an engineer is a big positive. And consulting career would definitely be, I mean the work-life
balance of a consultant is not be, have three kids and married. So, I’m not traveling
five, six days a week. Negotiating that I’m doing a 8:30 to 5, and if did it remote I can be but at the same it
could be 60 to 70 hours, including travel if
you’re early consultants. So that’s something that
people need to be okay with. But it’s also an option to consider as opposed to being a full-time employee for an insurance pharmacy, right. Another point is networking. It’s very important for career growth. Going to networking
events to kind of gauge, you wanna stay on top of
the trends in your field. But you also want to see what other people, what other
professionals are doing, sending real work to you. How can you leverage your skills to kind of do joint partnerships and joint ventures with different people. ‘Cause you don’t always have
to just do your job at work. You can do work, you can do projects instead of work. And through networking you can do those, couple of side projects, or you could get a… What I’m trying to say is the
opportunity is ahead of us. You make networking what you make of it but absolutely do some networking. And lastly but not least, there is finding a
mentor or a career coach. So what happens is that, one of the questions that I typically ask in all my interviews is, “Okay, so great.” “This role is open.” “Why is it open?” “Is there a mentorship?” “When I start,” “I’m I gonna be mentored by somebody?” “Is that something you can provide?’ Because it’s very
important to have somebody who can vouch for you, somebody who can help you, help you along the rope, up the ladder. Or even give you career advice about how to approach certain situations in the office setting. How to approach your career growth. And this ties into my last point about being deliberate about how you approach your career growth. You have to know what you want to do. Or if you don’t know, get a career coach. Kind of help you get that out of you. Because they’ll ask you
very prompted questions about different things
that based on your answers could give ’em some insights into, okay so said X, which kind of eludes to Y. So, is it true that
you might want to do Z. You know, those types of things. So, yeah, those are my five career advice I would give to some of the students.

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