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5 Craziest Ways People Have Quit Their Jobs

We know the five most epic ways
people have quit their jobs. Let’s talk about that. ♪ (theme music) ♪ Good Mythical Morning! We are like a vending machine. Your questions are the dimes,
or the quarters, depending on whatever
the price of that is. – Fifty cent.
– You insert them into us, and then we dispense advice. Now, just like a vending machine,
sometimes you get what you like, and sometimes you don’t,
but you’re the one who made the decision to put the question in! Sometimes we fall on you and you die. Natalie Meyer asks, “How do you
get noticed or stand out from the others in a job interview?” Now, if you google this question,
there will be lots of suggestions like, (nasally voice) “Well, wear a bright color,
or wear a powerful tie.” – Forget all that.
– (laughs) Who cares about that?
What you wear and how you do your hair. You don’t even need to shower. Listen. The objective in a job interview
is to get hired. Hire me. And you have to be able to use
what they call–hire me– the power of suggestion–hire me.
You see what I’m doing there? – Yes.
– I just got you to hire me three times. – (Rhett chuckles)
– Yes, okay. Now, I’m not very good–hire me–
at doing this, but… there are people who are
really, really good–hire me– at doing this,
and they’re like…(mumbles). You can tell a person to hire you.
You are commanding them–hire me higher– –to hire you. (laughs) I just said “hire me higher”. – But you gotta practice this.
– Hire me higher than what? I just did it wrong.
But you see what I’m doing–hire me. I’m saying “hire me”
as I’m talking to you, and this person is gonna leave
the interview thinking, “I gotta hire this person.
And they didn’t even shower!” Or they’re gonna be thinking, “The guy
keeps saying ‘hire me’ under his breath.” (laughs) If you can–
Well, okay. For starters, if you’re
not confident enough–hire me– to say “hire me” while you’re talking,
you can do the “hire me” sneeze, okay? So in some point in
the interview, you’re like, (pretends to sneeze) Hire me! (crew laughs) – And that was–
– Hire me! – (laughs) Get it?
– I’m sorry, did you say, “Fire me”? No. (stresses h) Hire.
You never acknowledge it. If somebody says,
“Are you saying ‘hire me’?” – You be like, “What’re you talking about?”
– I just sneezed. – You must want to hire me.
– (Link laughs) – Let me throw this in there too.
– Okay. If you met somebody in the waiting room
that you know is also competing for the same job and you learned
that their name is, say, Brad, you can do the same–Brad sucks–
where you kind of say things like that. – So you’re like–
– You’re like a street magician or something. Ask me a question
in an interview–Brad sucks. (seriously) Um, Mr. McLaughlin,
what makes you the perfect candidate
for the position? I’ve done a lot of thinking
about this–Brad sucks– and I think that the most important thing
about me–Brad sucks– is that I’m the man
for the job–Brad sucks. – See, I said “Brad sucks” three times!
– Excuse me, Mr. McLaughlin, did you say “Brad sucks” three times? You must’ve been thinking that Brad sucks. And you know what?
Brad does suck. See, there you go.
I’m hired. You can thank me later,
and send me a check. Send me your first paycheck,
if that works for you. It’s not easy to do.
You’re better than I thought you would be.
You’re better than I thought I could be at that. (chuckles)
But I don’t need a job. That’s right. You’re employed. Right here at – Right here at–
– (Rhett laughs) Direct deposit.
Read another question. – Okay–
– And I’ll try to answer one. Sofia Stoughton says, “What’s
the most creative way to quit your job?” Question mark. Okay, the most creative way to quit
your job involves videoing it and putting it on YouTube.
I’ll show you a couple. First of all, you can do
it through a dance video. Marina Shifrin made
this viral video, Resignation, set to Kanye West’s Gone.
Got 18 million views. You’ve probably seen it. We don’t wanna play it
with Kanye West’s song, but we’re gonna replace it
with some royalty-free music, – so that we don’t get sued by Kanye.
– We don’t wanna get sued by Kanye. There it goes.
She cuts a good rug, especially with this royalty-free. ♪ (gentle music) ♪ I’m not sure if that really fits,
but you get the idea. You probably saw the original. – It created it in a new genre.
– Yes. Yeah, it did.
Now, hers was a little passive. She made the video and assumed
that her boss would see it, and she just never showed
up at work again. But you could go right up to the boss,
hand in your resignation, still video it, and get your friends
who are in a marching band to really make him upset. (Link) This guy worked at
the Renaissance Providence Hotel. (Link) Here comes his boss. Guys, what is this?
Guys, all of you, out right now. Jared, I’m here to tell
you that I’m quitting. (tapping drumsticks)
One, two, three, four! ♪ (jovial marching music) ♪ (Rhett laughs) (Rhett) I gotta say that… I don’t think Jared is the kind
of person I want to work for. He was just already negative
when he saw the band. He was like, “You guys
gotta get out of here!” You don’t wanna work for a guy like that. If you guys show up here with
a marching band at Rhett & Link, you know what’s gonna happen?
We’re gonna be like, – Who’s birthday is it? This is awesome!
– Awesome! – When’re they gonna play?
– Please don’t quit because we didn’t know you had friends
who were in a marching band! You get a raise.
That’s what we would do. No, no, no.
Don’t promise raises. – I’m just joking.
– Don’t promise raises. I’m just joking, guys. Okay. If you don’t have friends
who are in a marching band, maybe you’ve got a banana suit
and you scratched to hire a mariachi band, like this guy who worked
in an insurance company did. (Rhett splutters and laughs) ♪ (mariachi music) ♪ (Link) See how all the other employees
are just lined up watching this idiot? ♪ (mariachi music) ♪ ♪ (singing in Spanish) ♪ Something tells me that the insurance
company was not sad to see – the banana guy go.
– Mmm-mmm. You could resign to your coworkers
in the factory breakroom by synchronizing your moves to a jam box. ♪ (Also sprach Zarathustra: Richard Strauss) ♪ – (coworkers laugh)
– (Link) Okay, you have a chair. ♪ (Also sprach Zarathustra: Richard Strauss) ♪ (Link) You can still see the chair. ♪ (Also sprach Zarathustra: Richard Strauss) ♪ (Link) This has got a slow build to it. (Rhett) It’d be pretty bad
if he fell at this point. (Link) Boom! I quit. Then he starts headbanging
and he starts walking through the factory. They call security and he
goes out to his car. I don’t know that the boss
was in the breakroom. Something tells me he wasn’t,
but I think his ex-coworkers – got a kick out of that.
– I’d have more respect for this guy if he went into his boss’
office and did this. Finally, you could just bake a cake. (Link) “I hereby give notice
of my resignation, in order that I may devote my time
and energy to my family, and to my cake business,
which has grown steadily over the past few years.
I wish the organization and my colleagues the best for the future,
and I remind you that if you enjoy this cake, you can order
more at Sincerely, Chris Holmes, Mr. Cake.” There you go! Start a new business
while you’re quitting your current job. -That’s smart.
– Smart. (strums guitar) You know what day it is,
it’s Thursday… Thursday… (harmonizing) And Thursday means mail. Dear Rhett & Link, as it is my children,
Alicia and Mark Jr.’s very favorite thing to watch–Good Mythical Morning–
and as I happen to have the means to laser large things, it seemed
that I should give something to the world on behalf of my children. Please do not try to use
this as a pizza plank. – What?!
– Look at this thing. Look at that. – (Link) Look at that!
– That’s lasered? He used lasers? – I didn’t think lasers existed.
– (gruffly) Lasers! – (crew laughs)
– Of course they do. And flip it around, it’s got a note
in the back to us, to us and the entire crew.
We ain’t sharin’ this with no crew. (facetiously) Just kidding! You guys all get a raise
if you have a band. – (Rhett chuckles) Whoa!
– Oh, sorry. Don’t, please.
Scared me a little bit. Here, you take that. And tell them the magic that it does. “Please do not try to use
this as a pizza plank. – I promise your lips are not big enough.”
– Okay, we’ll be the judge of that. The cool thing about this pizza plank
that we have discovered is that its a magic pizza plank
and every time you hold it off camera, you get a pizza. – Heh. Is that right?
– Mmm hmm. – HOOO!
– Look at that! Whoa! – Whoo!
– Here you go. Comin’ in! Comin’ in low, but fast. (muffled voice) – Mmm.
– (Rhett) Yeah. – Gettin’ a lot of crust.
– (Rhett) Come on, bite it! Use ’em incisors.
Now let me have a swirl. (laughter) (chewing) Mmm. (pizza scrapes against plank) Eat it like a dog.
Can’t use your hands. – Let me eat some more here.
– Mmm. I’mma try to bite off the same piece. – I think we’ve proven–
– We decided– This makes a great pizza plank. Share this with the crew later.
They don’t get pizzas that we’ve eaten all of the crust. Okay, we’ll continue to enjoy this pizza.
In the meantime, thanks for liking – and commenting on this video.
– You know what time it is. – I don’t want to do this!
– (off camera) Just do it! (irritated sigh) I’m Mason from San Angelo, Texas. (gritting teeth) It’s time to spin
the Wheel of Mythicality. Thank you, Roth family,
for the pizza plank! You get a signed
Good Mythical Morning poster, available for everyone
at There’s a limited number of these.
There’s only a couple hundred left. So keep that in mind that these
are going to be running out – soon if you want one.
– Click through to Good Mythical More, where we share the do’s
and don’ts of starting a new job, including our embarrassing happenings. PSA about taco safety. Hello… ♪ (serious music) ♪ Do you, or someone you love,
really into tacos? (stifled laughter) And not know grammar? (Rhett chuckles quietly) Well, you’re in the right place. I remember the first time that I ate
a taco without thinking about it, and I busted my lip flat open
because I didn’t put it in right. It went in sideways,
and that was the time that I learned that you gotta go in like…
you gotta really turn your head and go like that. But if you just throw it
on your face like that, – you’ll bust your lip.
– That’s a good testimony. – That’s my testimony.
– If you can relate to this testimonial, call the number on the screen now. (together) 1-800-TACO-SAFETY
for you and your relatives. [Captioned by Sara:
GMM Captioning Team]

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