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welcome back and thank you very much for
joining me my name is Swarek Leandra and on this channel I bring you news
research current events fun topics that matter to nurses everywhere and today I
will be talking about those nursing careers those nurses out there that are
doing nursing just like you and I but just in a different field a different
career taking it outside of the hospital and outside many times away from bedside
nursing so let’s just do do a quick thought experiment right when I say
nursing what comes to your head you might think ER right you might think
badass ER like Grey’s Anatomy you might think med surg cardiac unit you even
might think labor and delivery and a small chance I ask is someone who’s
going to school they might pick a school nurse there are a million and one
nursing careers out there for nurses who are tired of doing bedside nursing who
just don’t have it in them anymore to do bedside nursing and for those future
nurses or nurses right now who just want to do a little bit of switch in their
life there are careers out there countless countless of them and I’ve got
five of them here for you today and those five starting with number one
illegal nursing consultant this is something I’ve heard many of my nursing
friends house do it and you can do this on the side you can do this on your days
off and you don’t even have to go anywhere most of the time if you’re
basically consulting lawyers and prosecutors and these big huge hospitals
when it comes to lawsuits lawsuits those many many lawsuits and libel cases
liability cases when it comes to nurses being liable of some kind of action or
any kind of health care liability flaw problem you can consult admit as a
medical expert actually and you can just set up your house you do your little bit
of research into what’s the situation and give you all the information you
ever need to know you have to just go through all those papers it’s basically
being a nursing lawyer kinda is the way I think about it I don’t know anything
about being a lawyer never been a nursing consultant but it sounds that
way if that’s something that interests you go ahead and dive right in so very
similar to legal nursing consultant comes nursing forensics which I believe
is kind of bad right so uh it’s no surprise to anyone
that I’ve wanted to become a nurse because of Grey’s Anatomy cuz of these
cool shows but another show that I absolutely love is Law & Order SVU
it’s the greatest detective show in the history of the world and in every single
episode they don’t go to a nurse but they do go to a doctor and say what can
you find out with this ashes that you found at this Bernstein what can you
find out with this rape kit what can you find out what and they always have to go
to some health care provider to find out some information about the the crime the
victim or the perpetrator himself and that’s what a forensic nurse would do
you basically get to hang out with those badass detectives you get the fine crime
collect evidence hand it to the judge handed to the jury headed to the lawyer
and you are putting your hint literally you have a hand in justice being served
on the day to day instead of nursing consultants where you’re at the back end
where you you know making sure that all the paperwork and all the documentation
was done during the incident here you right after the incident or right in the
incident itself and you get to identify people and identify bodies and say no
that doesn’t make sense because you need to do X Y and V and your physical
assessment wouldn’t add up with what they were complaining of you get it you
get it I’m really excited about that something I probably would do if I had
like the opportunity to do it for about six to eight months but I definitely
that’s not really not a career for me I’m moving on so let’s take a turn from
this very very serious law in order justice justice side of Nursing and
let’s have a little bit of fun and you see my purple shirt that’s specific for
this one because this is something I would love to do for at least six months
it’s a cruise ship nursing where you basically are on a cruise ship basically
a school nurse for all these cruise ship numbers that’s it
that’s what you do but I don’t know the details of how much staff it definitely
depends on the population if you work for Carnival obviously you need a whole
lot of nurses right ships tick like thousands of people at a time but you
basically get a free ride you get free Mumia free board the money is not too
great because the benefits are really good and you get to travel the world
on a cruise ship is if this is something like if you just are just looking to
just escape for a good six months a good year this is the nursing career for you
I can’t do this right now I just believe I’m in the middle of some going and
getting stuff but this is something I would love to do towards the end of my
nursing career I always wanted to be a school nurse this is just that at a
whole different level and moving on continuing with this transportation type
of nursing but a little more intense our flight transport nurses unless I don’t
even have to explain to you you’ve seen it at every single movie every single
action movie ever these extremely cool badass nurses and
have these huge jumpsuits on come and save the day pick up a heart that’s
going to get transferred pick up a patient that’s lost in the woods it is
bumfuck Uno’s wait right these nurses do some badass shit on the Reg their flight
transport nurses and this is one of those nursing careers where the money is
really really really good if you’re actually looking for something exciting
and that pays really well this is one of the highest paid careers in nursing that
you can actually get into but obviously there’s a whole lot of training there’s
a whole lot of education that you probably mean in the back end and
experience that you need in the back end when it comes to ICU and you know ER and
emergency situations because when you end up plane transferring the patient
you don’t have help you don’t have extra supplies you don’t have anything extra
but what’s on the plane obviously at this point is very advanced and you have
a full staff you must write especially if you go to super long distances but
this is one of those careers where you can build up if you’re in the ICU if
that’s something you want to do if you like the adventure the adrenaline that
excitement being in the ICU at 10,000 feet in the air that’s something else I
say that is something else moving forward so number five finally this is
something I think every single one of you guys heard because this was actually
a huge topic in my nursing school when I was becoming a nurse and it’s nursing
informatics and this is something this is something I want to do I’ve said that
every single one but this is something that’s legitimately something I can do I
can see myself doing for Walter nurse informatics what it basically is is
nursing that work with technology and that
entire goal I don’t know if you if you could work at an actual like a firm a
business or you can work at a huge hospital but the goal of that nursing I
mean when I said business I meant like insurance companies and healthcare
pharmaceutical companies but the old point of nursing informatics is so you
can work with technology to see how we can make nursing the practice of Nursing
the most efficient ever right so you look at new on tech when it comes to
documentation like I you if you’re using aces or if you’re using Yami cell if you
using all of these tech Wiles cows whatever you use that is
technologically based nursing informatics you would be someone or
could be someone where you look at this tech and you say wait it takes more time
for me to log in than it actually does for me to just you know you scared my
name or something like that and that might not be a tech I want to use of new
blue blood glucose machine that you might have on your unit nursing fanatics
might have been behind that piece of tech getting pushed forward into your
hospital anything that you might use right and this is something I love
because it nourish informatics is big big right now huge on when it comes to
virtual you know appointments with patients for especially in the rural
area or where people can connect far far distances nurse informatics nursing
informatics is somewhere where this is at you know cutting edge they really
pushing this forward because you don’t a lot of the times when you do getting a
physical assessment when you go to the hospital if you don’t need any of your
immunization shots all you need is a little a legitimate physically just you
want to be able to be physically seen right they want to listen to your heart
check your your your lung see and mobility how you acting if you have any
questions this is something you most definitely do via Skype FaceTime
whatever this is what nursing informatics is us it moves nursing from
the present to the future right it just keeps going because if you’re not moving
with the tech the tech is going to move without you a nursing informatics thank
to you to all those nurses you guys are helping us move along with the times
thank you very much in the comment section today
please down below tell me I want to know if any of those five careers is
something you would be looking forward to and or if there’s a super cool
nursing career that you know of that I don’t know what or that mode the
majority of people slash nurses don’t know of let me know in the comment
section below because this is exciting if you’re a nurse you can literally do
something is every single type of fielding business in the world it is
such a versatile career I am so glad I am a nurse tell me in the comment
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