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Hi, I’m Felipe Gomez del Campo and i’m the founder and the CEO of FCC Plasma Solutions and i’m here to tell you that the next big thing in airspace is actually small So, basically the idea with our technology is that we’re using a plasma to change how fuel burns. So the effect of this has is that you can keep a flame lit with less fuel. So the benefit of that is that in situations where essentially you’re just waiting at low power, for example when you’re waiting to take off and the engines are running and burning fuel… if you can keep that flame lit with less fuel. That would save fuel and save emissions. To the tune of one to five percent decrease in emissions average for the entire US airline industry. which could potentially be very significant. Most of what I do is a lot of research and development on the technology to make sure it’s ready for the market Basically what we have here is one of our burners that we have set up in our lab here. What we’re doing here is we’re lowering the amount of fuel in the mixture until the flame extinguishes. As soon as you start to reduce the amount of fuel the flames doesn’t like it starts to become very unsteady and eventually it will extinguish, as you can see here. When we turn on the plasma at the same amount of fuel the flame is able to exist again. We can keep the flame lit with less fuel and that could potentially allow them to save fuel by reducing their fuel flows at idle. So this is our first prototype. You can tell it’s sort of cobbled together with hot glue and parts from the mastercar. It was designed to be manufactured very cheaply but it worked well and it proved the concept. I just finished my Bachelor of Science from Case Western Reserve University in mechanical and aerospace engineer I’m currently working towards my masters in aerospace engineering, also from Case. For me, the most rewarding thing about being an engineer is that as engineers we get to put science at the service of technology. So we get to use fundamental knowledge about the world and us it to create technology and then we get to use that technology and put it at the service of society. We get solve real and tough problems in our world using our scientific understanding. As an entrepreneur I get take that one step further and make sure that those solutions actually make it into the world. So for me that’s been a tremendously rewarding experience that i would recommend to anyone having an inkling of a desire to go in into some STEM field. Because it’s a tremendously rewarding career.

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