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A Day In The Life Of A K-Pop Producer (Feat. 220 & McKay) | 360 VR Video

Hello my name is Joseph Park and I am a music producer and songwriter. Welcome to my studio! This is called UP Studios I’ve worked with Eric Nam, NCT, Day 6, Super Junior, Jaziel Brothers, I’ve worked with Taemin. I started when I was quite young with piano lessons and what not but before I was like forced, like my parents were forcing me to take lessons and what not. and then my father really got me into the clarinet so he wanted me to be good at one instrument because I was like doing this and that and quitting so my dad got fed up and was like, “Just do one instrument!” “…and I’ll support you in one instrument.”
and that ended up being the clarinet. then one day–I think this was in high school– a friend gave me this CD it’s like I forgot the name it was like some remix program–you can put loops together I think it’s called like magic or magics or
something like that and he was making like cool music so I’d be like “Oh cool! How’d you make that?” he gave me the CD and I installed it and then I
started just like making weird songs putting loops together–probably sounded horrible– but I had so much fun with it and then from then on I created an interest and I was really interested in rap back in the day. and I thought, “oh that’s kind of cool..” and you know listened to the old-school k-pop groups coming out as well at that time. So, yeah, that’s kind of when I was like I want to see if I can make this type of music as well. So, that’s where it kind of started back in junior high/high school. [*McKay and Joe greeting each other*] Joe: How’s the weather outside man? McKay: It’s hot man. Joe: It’s hot? McKay: It’s hot and humid. It’s also kind of drizzling outside so. Joe: Heat waving. McKay: I know, I know, I know, I know. McKay: yeah but um I I come up with this I came
up with this really cool chord McKay: progression for an idea Joe: okay cool McKay: it’s kind of a it’s kind of a ballad feel Joe: Oh, let’s hear it man McKay: I mean the chord I haven’t gotten down all the way. Joe: Okay. McKay: I’m trying to make it more prettier, but this is just the demo. McKay: 1, 2, 3, 4. [*McKay strumming the guitar*] Joe: Mmm [*McKay strumming the guitar*] McKay: just a three chord [*Joe singing a tune*] McKay: yeah very ballad-y almost [*Joe singing a tune*] Joe: yeah let me add some drums to it
McKay: yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah McKay: it’s very simple it’s very ballad-y but
then a little bit of R&B feel Joe: yeah [*Joe trying out different beats and drum effects*] Joe: Do you want to just keep playing the loop a little bit? I grew up in a small town or small city
called Winnipeg in Canada and there wasn’t much happening there. I just thought you know I should
probably go to Toronto–a bigger city that offers some sort of like you know
producing music with computers and stuff like that so that’s where it kind of started so I started learning a program called Reason in university like the first two years and then from then on I realized
okay I was meeting more people in Toronto and this could be a career, but I still didn’t
know how to become a music producer so I was just learning the tools and the programs
and after that I went to another music academy and I met a producer there
and that’s what I knew okay this is a proper career. [*laughs*] [*McKay strumming and Joe’s beats playing*] McKay: going to build it up Joe: Mmm hmm. Yeah. [*Joe singing a tune*] Joe: Do you have any melodies in mind? McKay: Umm.. Joe: Mmm McKay: maybe for the first verse, I mean you
kind of hummed. You did something like [*McKay singing the tune Joe was humming before*] ♫ Joe: yeah, that was good [*McKay singing the tune Joe was humming before*] ♫ [*McKay and Joe singing the tune Joe was humming before*] ♫ McKay: and repeat it Joe: Mmm [*McKay singing the tune Joe was humming before*] ♫ it just took years of practice, years of
facing like rejections just hoping for like one song to sell you know it’s
really hard to get into industry in the beginning and get to that level and
standard you’ve got continued just making songs, continue learning. once one song starts selling and it starts
picking up a little bit I think years of just hard work and endurance
kind of led up to where I am now so just very thankful to be where I am. [*Joe adding beats to the tune he was working on with McKay*] in the beginning it’s difficult because
when it’s not so steady I used to have like a second job just so I don’t have to worry about money if you worry about money then that affects your music and you can’t really focus. because you’re thinking about how I’m going to eat tomorrow or pay the bills but once you reach that tipping point and you’re getting a lot more work and it’s becoming steady, I think that’s when you think this has become a career [*Joe adding beats to the tune he was working on with McKay*] This industry takes a lot of perseverance and passion I think it has to be a passion: a passion for the music not about getting famous not about getting rich overnight I think it’s
really about just constantly learning and being passionate about creating music that
I think it makes a difference and you just keep at it and it will come, you will get there. *laughs* yeah [*upbeat and hopeful music*]

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