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A Guide to Reporting Your Employment Information

The Florida Department of Economic
Opportunity presents a guide to reporting your employment information
during the application. It is important that you provide all employment for the
last 18 months whether it is full-time, part-time, temporary or self-employment.
This will avoid delays in your claim being processed.
If your employer was bought out by another company or changed their leasing
company this is treated as separate employment and you will need to report
each period individually. Let’s go over the information that you will need to
provide for each employer. First you’ll need to provide the employers name as it
appears in your w-2 or pay stub this could be a leasing agency for example
you may be employed by Acme but the name on the pay stub is a company called
Lease Co, you would report the name as Lease Co. Second you’ll need to provide the contact information which is the physical address where the work was
performed, the legal address of the company as it appears on the paycheck
and the telephone number. Third you’ll need to provide the dates of employment.
We need the first day you physically work and the last day you physically
worked. If you had multiple periods of employment you will be asked for the
dates for each period worked. Fourth you’ll need to provide your gross income
which is your earnings with the employer before taxes or other deductions are
made and Fifth the reason for separation. It is important that you provide the
correct reasons for separation as they may be verified with each employer. We
may have additional questions for you so it’s important to respond timely to any
fact-finding forms you receive. Try to be as detailed as possible as we will use
this information to make a determination on your claim. Be sure to click the Save
button if you’re taking longer than 10 minutes as the system will timeout if
you stay too long on a page. Let’s go over some useful tips. Here’s
the first tip. The easiest way to locate the employer is a search by FEIN which
can be found on your W-2 or 1099. If you do not have this number you may search
by employer name, if you still cannot find the employer you will be permitted
to enter the information manually. Here’s the second tip. To correctly choose if an
employer is out of state or Florida based remember that this depends upon where
you did the work, not where the company’s corporate address is located. If you did
work in multiple states for the same employer you must provide each period
separately. Here’s the third tip. If you’re in the military during this
period remember to send the DD-214 member 4 form after completing the
application. If you have federal employment such as with the US Postal
Service remember to send the SF8 or SF50 you will be given the choice to
upload the forms through your inbox in Connect. If you have any further
questions please go to to review the available frequently asked
questions or send an email to us. You may also call us at 1800-204-2418. We hope these tips make providing the employer
details as easy as possible for you. Thank you for watching and have a great

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