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A new chance at employment for Syrian refugees in Jordan

Hundreds of thousands
of registered Syrian refugees now live in Jordan… driven from their homes
by the civil war in Syria. There are few chances for employment. But a new initiative by the
International Labour Organization is connecting local employers
with refugees seeking work. The initiative makes use of the Jordan Compact, an agreement between
the European Union and Jordan. The Compact gives products
manufactured by Jordanian companies, which have at least 15%
of their workforce as refugees, preferential treatment in the European market. The ILO has set up
special employment centers to identify opportunities for both
Jordanian and Syrian job seekers in agriculture, construction and manufacturing. In a pilot project, a local ILO employment office organized a job fair and career days inside the Zaatari Refugee Camp. Nearly 50 companies participated, offering 1,300 job vacancies
for both men and women. Job seekers were connected to the employers. One garment manufacturing
company hired 19 women from the camp. “I am a resident at Zaatari Camp, and through the job fair, I registered and was called for an interview, then was accepted to work here. When I first arrived
they gave me some training, and gradually
I was placed on a production line.” For employers, the decision to integrate refugees
into their workforce is paying off. “I would like to recommend
to other factories that, as per our experience as the first factory
to employ Syrian workers here, they are very loyal…
they are cooperative.” “We consider this
a pilot experience, and we will benefit from it a lot. This will also allow us to attract more people whether from inside
or outside the camp. This allows us to expand
the project further and have the largest number of beneficiaries.” “At first, our financial situation
was very difficult. Now our livelihoods have become better. We feel more comfortable and we feel like we have a second
chance to make a better life.” For the refugees who now have
a chance at stable employment, the program has changed their lives, and those of their families.

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