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A Visit to Industrial Light & Magic | Galactic Builders

[INTRO MUSIC] [UPBEAT MUSIC] [BLASTERS FIRING] [RUMBLING] – Hey, I’m Anna. – And I’m Kunal. – And we’re team 846,
the Funky Monkeys. – We’re a FIRST robotics
competition team based out of San Jose, California. Today, we’re here at
Industrial Light and Magic to learn how they bring
Star Wars droids to light, using visual effects. – Welcome to the
Industrial Light and Magic motion capture stage. We do a lot of things here
related to virtual production. I’m animation
supervisor here at ILM, so I’m in charge of
things like characters that we have to bring to life. And I’m going to talk
today about creating K-2SO. While K-2SO is not
as hard to engineer as a real physical
robot, we did try to make all the aspects of
them work in a real three dimensional way, partly, because
we wanted a sense of realism to it, that there was real
engineering behind it. Of course, another big
component of this character was the actor who performed it. And so Alan Tudyk, the
actor that was cast, came up here to
ILM, and we put him in a standard motion capture
suit right here on this stage. But the point of
this was for him to, essentially, try
on K-2SO like an actor tries on a costume. – Looking at how he’s
able to move his arm but, at the same time,
all of these pistons are animated to look
just like real life, that must take a lot of math. – Ultimately, someone has to
actually solve it for real and make all the little
parts work and mesh. So figuring out all
those little pistons and the different actuators and
things is pretty tricky, yeah. – I find it interesting
how motion capture makes the human movement much easier
because, for example, when our team was animating
a human character, that was really
the hardest part, to get the joints moving
right and to make sure that it looks kind of like a human. In FIRST, we also have
animation projects. I actually lead
our animation team, which creates a video for
the yearly safety animation. We’re doing something more
than just the technology or more than just the art. It’s really bringing
together those two things. – I want to produce Rachel. She’s our R&D supervisor here
at Industrial Light and Magic. – Well, since we’re on
the motion capture stage, we were thinking that,
maybe, we could have you guys actually shoot something. Anna, that wouldn’t
make you K-2SO. – Awesome! – So let’s go
ahead and step out, and we can get you into
a motion capture suit. – Come on out. [LAUGHS] – Wow! Wait, that’s so cool. [LAUGHS] – As you can see, you’re a bit
of a puppeteer here, right? So as you move around,
K-2SO is moving similarly. – What kind of
software can do this? – All of the software that
you’re looking at right now is proprietary software that our
team has built, both software components as well as jury
rigging different hardware components together. This mirror itself is actually
tracked, so, as I move it around, you can see that
it actually moves in space as if it were a real mirror. So Kunal, you’re going to be
our camera operator today. And then you can see what the
camera sees on the front side of the screen. I’m going to have
Brendan help you through this entire process. – Hi.
– Hi. – Brendan, nice to meet you. I’m the motion capture
tech here on this stage. – Brendan is also an
amazing performer. He actually performs
most of the characters that we do on this stage. In this scene, K-2SO is trying
to sneak away from a bunker that he was in and get
to a ship to escape. – Give me a T-pose. Great.
Ready, Kunal? – Yes. – And action. [ADVENTURE MUSIC] – That was a really, really
fun experience for me, kind of living out the dream
of being able to embody a droid in Star Wars. – Go for it! Move, move, move! Great. [UPBEAT MUSIC] – Seeing, today, the amount of
detail that the artists have to think about and the amount
of technology that goes into capturing in order to
make this robot come to life, it’s really amazing. – You need that–
(SURPRISED) Huh– realization of the threat. – (SURPRISED) Huh? I think my biggest takeaway here
is just seeing how everyone’s having fun integrating
technology and art to create a meaningful story. What FIRST really
encourages everybody to do is to build, learn, and inspire. First, you build a project, and,
from that, you learn from it. And then you get to inspire
others that come next. – This year, Disney
and Lucasfilm are teaming up with the
global robotics community FIRST as part of a Star
Wars: Force for Change philanthropic initiative. – We are on a mission to
inspire the next generation of heroes and innovators. Learn how you can get involved

8 Replies to “A Visit to Industrial Light & Magic | Galactic Builders”

  • I actually wants to try a motion capture because i feel like i can bring a nice creature/werewolf performance as an example.
    I kinda learned the moves based on manny movies that i've watched so i just would like to try that.
    Also, same i've learned some lightsaber moves so it would be nice to save those performance moves so that they would be use in any future game or for any updates for Fallen Order 🙂 who knows, a one can dream of such acts.

  • It was eye-opening to be a part of this, meet the people behind Star Wars and ILM, and get to share about our FIRST Robotics team. It's truly cool to see disciplines of engineering, art, acting, math, filmmaking and more come together. Thanks so much for the opportunity!

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