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Admin Spotlight – Ashley Subasic, Director of Career Placement

I’m Ashley Subasic. I am the Director
of Career Placement here at Penn Commercial Business Technical School. So, I love working here at Penn Commercial and helping the students graduate and
find that job that they’ve you know whole point and purpose of them coming
to school. They found their dream career, They’re establishing themselves. Some of
them are totally switching areas that they have worked before. If they’ve had
20 or 30 years experience they decided to come back to school and it’s really
rewarding and exciting to see them find something new to get into. For the
younger students, it’s exciting to see them start a career, see them establish
themselves and set goals from starting school to finishing and then getting
their experience out in the real world. Usually my day-to-day
activities include going into the classrooms and doing some resume and
interviewing tips and skills with them, reviewing resumes. I love to look at
resumes. I love formatting them and making them look nice and clean, giving a
lot of options to the students in order to help them make their resume look as
clean as possible and professional. I do work with every
single program here at the school. Current students and graduates we do
have the lifetime placement assistance. So even graduates from ten years down
the road I always tell them and remind them whenever they’re still here as
students don’t forget you can always come back and call into Penn Commercial. We have more jobs coming in than I do have students and graduates to actually
refer to these companies. The trades are a high demand area. We do have companies calling in and asking “Hey, send me resumes.” I’ll send them
resumes directly so the student doesn’t even have to apply and go through that
process and the companies know that and they like to work very closely with us
in regards to us placing any of our students. Be more at Penn Commercial.

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