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Ads Education | Stand-Up Comedy by Chirayu Mistry

So what i used to do was… I got bored of watch movies and serials in television. So… Finally i started watching just Ads. Used to wake up to Alarm, Watch the Ad, Shut TV off, and then back to sleep. 30 seconds of Entertainment. Doesn’t matter if its Good or Bad. and i… uhh… i have studied in a Government School. So… Particularly in my School. I don’t know about anyone else… but in my school… There was no Sex Education. Really. When i asked my Professor,
“Sir… What is Sex Education?” “OH SH#T!!! HOLIDAY.” No Sex Education. Holiday. I asked my mother at Home,
“Mom, What is Sex Edu…” “HOLIDAYSSSSSS” Whole World went of a Holiday. Everyone is going on a holiday. So i never got any Sex Education. Till date. So when i was watching one Ad, i noticed that… Advertisement world in our country is pretty amazing. There used to be advertisements… which would help you to know the product’s purpose. I remember watching this one Ad. In that, a Fisherman sits by the Riverside and applies Feviquick on 5 spots on a stick… Inserts the stick in water and *Victory Sound*,
catches fish. Nostalgia in Your Face People. *Self Admiration of Joke.* So i thought, at least now i know that this product is used for Sticking. But now a days Now… If Product’s use is facing South… then Ad’s logic is moving in North. And i think most of these ads are written by men, because they sound stupid. Even Women Product Ads are written by Men. Like if you watch any Ad of any Sanitary Napkin or Sanitary Pad. Any Brand. Whisper, Stayfree, any of em. What is the purpose of Pad? To absorb the blood during menstruation. Help during periods. But what do they show in Ads? A girl is writing an Exam. Fail. Done. Fail. Her career is over. Whether she Studied or Not, her hard work… Everything in Vain. Fail. Finish. She went home Crying… Her mother gave her a Pad. Pass. And not just 35 passing marks. 90% Marks. Now i didn’t knew what a pad was. I was like… “Damn. This is Marvelous. ” So i bought 4 of them. I was Clueless. I thought those were some modern magical Amulets or something. Or else why would they wrap it up in a
Black Polythene Bag? I brought 4 of them… I failed in 5 subjects. Used them to Wipe my Tears.

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