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An Introduction to the Post-Baccalaureate Health Professions Program

At Extension we offer all of the courses that
are required and recommended by health professional schools. Our class sizes are pretty small. They average between 15 and 30 students so
it’s a much more intimate setting where they can interact more with their classmates
as well as their instructor. The small class sizes made a huge difference. I was so much more successful. There was more one-on-one attention and more
ways to really understand the material hands-on. The lab classes here were great too. The courses here at Extension are very academically
rigorous. They are vetted by main campus so we’re
on the Berkeley level. The classes really are designed around not
just checking the boxes that you need to check to get into med school but making sure you
go into med school in a position to succeed, particularly in your first year where all
of the curriculum is around pretty hard sciences. Students really like the fact that we offer
courses at multiple locations around the Bay Area. We have three different lecture sites and
four to five different lab sites depending on the course that you’re taking. And students can mix and match based on their
schedule. The instructors like us, we all come from
different professional backgrounds and then with that we bring in professional expertise
to bridge the gap between the textbook knowledge and the real-life situations. These students are very driven and they are
very goal-oriented. They’re also very mature so they’re very
motivated to learn and that’s what I like about teaching for UC Berkeley Extension. The instructors, the students, the advisers
all want you to succeed and we’re building an environment in which we’re supporting
each other and which we’re working together. I’ve never felt like I’m competing with
my classmates here. I never felt like I have to outperform the
people around me. We’re welcoming advice, we’re welcoming
tips, study sheets, all stuff like that. It’s a really collaborative learning environment. It’ll actually prepare you for the program
rather than just having, “Oh, I attended a post-bacc” on your resume for P.A. school. You have something to follow through. So you’ll be able to succeed in your future.

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