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Arab Israelis: Are you living under occupation?

Do you feel you live
under occupation? Amer
Rahat No Why? That’s what I think That’s my opinion I can’t hear you I think that,
what do you want me to say I am a citizen here
like anyone else Do you think you live
under occupation? Radna
Taibe (filmed in Nablus) Yes Yes, I do because
I don’t do everything that I want Like what? What can’t she do? If I wanted to go to Arab countries
I can’t because there is no peace between them
Israel and the Arab countries That’s not because of occupation because because there is no peace and he (her husband) said
“he’s talking politically” For example, there are many houses that are under threat of demolition Because they (Israeli authorities)
are saying these homes were built without a permit Do you feel you live
under occupation? Amer
Furadis Sometimes How? That’s the answer Ok but why? Why? Because with the Nation State law
that came up now it really creates discrimination it really creates distinctions between citizens Is that occupation or simply discrimination? It is gradual occupation So you think things will just
get more and more worse? Of course, this is only the beginning that is how all the facist
governments started They started like that slowly they change the constitution
change the laws over the years they bypass the minorities and then they discriminate against them Is there another example you can give? Let’s say…
I really hope the Nation State law won’t last that’s why I am asking so is there something else? Of course Give me another example For example Kosher foods Kosher foods? I am a cook and when they changed owners
and made the place Kosher Mahadrin so they fired me because
I am a non Jew I am not permitted to light fires Where was this? A restaurant in Zichron Yaakov Really?
– Yes Wow Yes, I will give you the
most direct answers (can’t hear her) No, it has nothing to do with the army For the army, I am also allowed
to serve, I have no problem with that everyone does what he wants but we are talking about… (I can’t hear what she is saying) What did she say? She claims, she says that some times you go
look for work in something and they ask you if you
served in the army or didn’t serve So you think that because you didn’t
serve in the army… Yes, they prefer those that served in the army Maria
Nazareth (filmed in Nablus) Yes Sometimes Like when I interact with the Jewish people I will feel like something
is wrong in the air but I act with them normally Do you have any Jewish friends? No Not really I talk to people in the Jewish language in Hebrew I have to because I live there so I have to know the language so I can live normally and do my chores and all that So what else? When you say
you feel you live under occupation what else could it be? In politics, when I vote there are no seats Parliament What? Parliament Yes, yes There is no Arab seats There are (Arab) parties you just don’t like them We are a small community but that’s not because we are
a little community or our numbers are small It’s because there are many Jews
who come from outside the country They weren’t born here They are Russians, Moldavians Ukrainians When you add more Jewish
people, we become smaller But I have to live with it I don’t know I don’t have anything in my mind on a daily basis that I will think that there
are some differences between us between Jewish people and Arabs right now I don’t have
anything on my mind but there is something
you feel it You feel it but
I can’t just tell you because it’s the little details Do you think you live
under occupation? Naill
Arrara That is a very complicated
and complex question Of course It is not thought of as occupation it is more of an occupation,
not of land but an occupation connected to not acknowledging the fact that we (Arab Israelis) exist here for years many years and they need to acknowledge
our population… How can the Jews acknowledge?
How can the state acknowledge? You First of all last year the Nation State law that says that Arabs are second class Jews are first class and from there it starts before that it is history everything related to acknowledgement… Give me an example
of something they can do I think this university (Haifa University)
is a good place for dialogue for discussions between Arabs and Jews to bring people together to improve trust There is a crisis of trust between Arabs and Jews Like there is a crisis
between secular and religious it is the same I think So to talk about it to find solutions To find a solution?
– Yes Like you are talking to me now that’s the solution
to speak If we sit and talk solve all the problems There is no problem
that can’t be solved there is only trust There are prejudices like “it is impossible
to speak with Arabs” “Arabs are second class” All those things we need to change so as you are talking to me now you certainly identify a person that is thoughtful so it is the same thing If you sit across from “the other” you discover other things with him and awareness that needs to be changed Do you live under occupation? Yes Where do you live? Nahariya You are Muslim
No one can see that Yes Why do you think
you live under occupation? You come back here Mr. Big Mouth
(her friend who said he would speak) You study at Haifa University
– I feel a difference You study at Haifa University
– Yes, of course Inside the borders of the university you can see the difference Like what? Give me an example At the bus station for example
– What do you mean? I remember when I used the buses there were How can I say that? Do people put you into two separate lines?
What do you mean? Yes There are two separate lines?
One for Arabs and one for Jews? No, no In the bus stations the security (guard) just let’s me see the difference between the Arabs and the Jews I don’t understand Who says what? You have to
give me an example Because I have never seen
anything like that I just forgot the word Hebrew? They checked me (security check)
and they didn’t check the Jews They checked me They checked me I am saying, I am a Jew
and I am checked After you get off the bus Ah at the bus stop So someone stops you I thought you meant the entrance
to the university No, not the security check
(at the entrance to all buildings) At the bus stop Who does this? The police?
I don’t understand No, a guard He checks me but didn’t check others Because of the fact that I wear
a hijab and others don’t Ok That’s a good example So why is that occupation? It’s definitely bigotry, I would say racism but there is no race
but you know what I mean It’s racism But how is that occupation? You feel you are not a citizen they check you but don’t check others So you don’t feel equal I don’t feel I belong Do you live under occupation? Sharihan
Beer al Mashash (unrecognized village) I don’t think so We live in Israel Arabs and Jews together I don’t face the same situation like in the West Bank honestly Maybe in the West Bank West Bank there is occupation I can see that in the news But in the place where I live You live in what area? The Negev?
– Yes, the Negev You are Bedouin?
– Yes, I am a Bedouin Raneen
Majd al Krum Do you feel you live
under occupation? Yes In Israel
– Yes As a citizen?
– Yes With full rights?
– Yes Why? Because I am an Arab So what’s wrong with that?
Excuse me, what racism? No, it’s not bad
– I was making a joke You have a constant feeling that you are under occupation It’s true that we have lots of rights but there are also many things that that we are not indirectly entitled to Like what? Give an example For example in academic education Sometimes Arabs have
a harder time getting far It is something that is known Actually no. I work at Tel Aviv University and they accept many
from the Arab populations
(higher than their proportion in the population) The question is for what purpose? You can bring lab rats and you can bring in those
that do the experiment It depends on many things
what I am saying it is not something permanent but it is a subject that… So you as Arabs say among yourselves that these are the issues It is something discussed between students Do you study?
– Yes Where?
– At ORT Braude An engineering college Engineering? Nice Go on
– That’s it But besides that, everything is good if you are If you are a good person
everything is okay It doesn’t matter if you have rights
or you don’t have rights if you are a good person
with good will, everything will be… I think it matters I think it matters that people
feel attached feel equal
– Yes On the other hand, it’s politics Connected question What would make you feel that you are fully Israel? That’s a really big question I think it is 50 or 60 years old or maybe more You mean from 1948?
– Yes I don’t think that is a question
that I am capable of answering You are a Jerusalem resident do you feel you live under occupation? Yes You have a blue (Israeli) ID you have the same rights as
a Jew that lives in Jerusalem to qualify The whole image that we
have the same privileges the same… First of all, I have lived here all my life I can see the differences for example, if I want to go
from A to B it would be much more difficult for me I am not just seeing it,
I am feeling it when I compare it to
other Israeli people We are talking about two different locations
not areas A and B (West Bank) Yes, locations Give me an example of a location
where it is more difficult and why A location for example yesterday we had Yom Kippur so basically in order to go home I had to take a 30 minute road instead of a 5 minute road Where is home? I live near the old city If I want to finish my job
and go back home basically all the main roads are closed
(to prevent driving in religious areas) so I have to take a big detour if you go to the Israeli places
there would be
(note, roads are closed to all) That is one day a year Ok, I will give you another example For example, I have national insurance What is it called in English? If I want to go to my national insurance (office) just make sure that both have the same IDs The main difference is when I go to the national insurance (office) I have to stand in line
for more than 40 minutes the whole building is an old building We only have two windows (clerks) All those people only have two lines If you go to the national insurance (office)
over here (West Jerusalem) you will find more than 20 clerks Since you go to the “Jewish”… Not Jewish National insurance in East Jerusalem
is for people who live in Jerusalem without Israeli citzenship I have the same ID but I don’t have the citizenship So I have to go over there and you see a lot of troubles you see less workers less… From the perspective of security you’ll see not a good attitude towards the people over there but over here, you will get
“I apologize”, “sorry for…” Are you allowed to go to the other…
– No Not allowed Because you are not a citizen Because I don’t have the passport So you need to get citizenship
– Exactly If you were a Palestinian who got citizenship would you be allowed to go to…
– Yes But for me, I live here all my life I am not allowed to get… So why not get citizenship? I am not allowed to get citizenship
– Of course you are allowed You are allowed I quote I am “allowed” as a matter of law but when you apply for the application you’ll find after many years your application would be the same probably Another perspective (to a religious Jewish friend of mine)
I apologize, I am saying what
I want to say Of course Go for it When you go to a Palestinian district an Arab district in Jerusalem You have a lot of problems in houses If you want to take an application
to build a house you will be asking for years In the Jewish areas, you will never see a court order to demolish the house demolish the house every once in a while
you will see That’s true
– you will see demolishing houses Another one Traffic Parking tickets You will never see in a Jewish area a police officer will stop you saying “hello, I just want to
make sure everything is okay” He will probably stop you
if you go through a red light if you cross something else but in my area there is always a police officer just waiting for someone to spend his time on it Ok, “hello officer” “I have insurance” If it’s okay he will start to search for something
in order to give you any sort of ticket and that’s true What makes it even worse is that they are always over there What else? I can speak a lot about this You just feel it You feel it everywhere But is that occupation or is that racism? Discrimination It’s discrimination due to the occupation Probably if you go to other… let’s say about Jewish people probably in other countries,
you won’t see the same thing It’s a totally different thing But when you go… due to the occupation people are a little brainwashed because they go to the military
16, 17, 18 years old So when you go there they start brainwashing in order to make this… And some people like it Some people try to fight it But you can see it
you can feel it everywhere If you go to the Central Bus Station I go with my mother
my mother wears a scharf (hijab) they will leave all the people
and search your mother because you are special

100 Replies to “Arab Israelis: Are you living under occupation?”

  • Question… Are Palestinians living in the west bank and Gaza Israelis? can Arab Israelis vote, can they form new political parties?

  • as a smart JEW once said "facts don't care about your feelings"
    (Ben Shapiro) search him on youtube

  • Look at their streets, look at their homes, and then look at the Israelis occupying their land…you will see where the occupation is.

  • I would support the Israelis If they didn't push their settlements into land that isn't theirs. I mean its shocking that so many of them just ignore that this is happening and try to justify themselves because 'we get bombed'.

  • Why don’t the fakestinians move to Syria or Iraq or SaudiArabia… wherever their grandparents came from.

  • how do you feel an occupation? it is not something you feel. It is a historical event that happened and even if an occupation force is fair and just and do all the good things in the world, it is still an OCCUPATION.

  • you will never find any other arab country with such rights as they (the israeli arabs) have, such as academic studies especially the womens in the arab sector. ho ho they are enjoying thousand of other rights but you will need to include that in another list. So what are they complaining on? Just so you know that most of all the arab community standing on the "occupation" don't want a "palestinian" state, they don't wish that at all, why would them? they are happy here! but like one of the girl that said that the guard always checking instead of checking "every one" called him a "racist", well it's totally normal! most of all the terror attacks in the world are made from radical ISLAMISTS, so yeh well i would not rather to check the news and to find out that 5 peoples DIED!

  • I believe the comments on this video are really evident on their own to show that there is in fact occupation (something that I am personally surprised people are contemplating about when it's really obvious), because no healthy society would have all that amount of hate towards a certain section of them (the "society"), all I am seeing here is just mockery and degradation of Arab people, and even someone says "I am happy that Muslims would never assimilate in any society" even when not all Arabs are Muslims.

    For the people who argue saying occupation isn't the same as discrimination, first of all, why do you say this as if it's a good thing, it's like: "oh it's just discrimination! Why haven't I ever thought of that?! Now I can sleep comfortably in my bed knowing everything will be okay" That's honestly fucked up, discrimination is no excuse, and any healthy society would be ashamed for having any sort of discrimination among them.

    Secondly, I believe you're using a false dichotomy, discrimination has always been prevalent with occupation and has always been its byproduct, it's not necessarily one or the other. Before 1948 Arabs were living there, and now (by your own words) they are being discriminated against. Would they have been discriminated against if the Israeli forces hadn't attacked Palestine in 1948? No. Cause and effect. It only happened as a result of this military expedition, thus it is due to occupation, and thus occupation exists. Period.

  • Yes they are living under occupation because their cousins and brothers have been expelled out of the border and cannot visit their ancestral land while the Russian, Polish and Ethiopian Jews who never inhabited any of their ancestors in historic Palestine are entitled to come and settle here….

  • My family lived in Palestine for more than 3,000 years, 2300 years of that were in Jerusalem, and when the Zionists occupied Palestine in 1948, they expelled my father and my uncles from Jerusalem and they went to Jordan while my grandfather and grandmother stayed there where they could never see their kids. Our home in Jordan was 29 miles away from Jerusalem, and yet my father lived and died in Jordan but he could never visit his home in Jerusalem, even though the distance was only 29 miles while any Zionist could come from anywhere in the world to live in Jerusalem, even if he had converted to Judaism from another religion.

  • What about the Palestinians that live in the West Bank? Do you all not consider what Israel does in the West Bank as occupation?

  • I'm sure if you would travel to any Middle Eastern country they would all complain, it's part of the culture.

    see all arab people speaking and searching desperately what's wrong in living there, mostly reminding some obscure details
    to argue against israel state .
    the truth is they love living under jewish state.
    the truth is no arab people here would dream a similar life in all arab countries.
    this is the truth and you can read it clearly from their responses !!!

  • The one who complains his trafic was blocked due a jrwish holiday what i i tell you my trafic is also blocked on muslim holiday….

  • I feel oppressed because my imam told me so! The problem with followers of islam is they don't think for themselves. "my imam said….." Mohommed was a peaceful person because my imam said….."

  • Why you're so biased? She said in the starting that she isn't allowed to visit Arab countries, the reason was obviously b/c Israel is occupied. What a bullshit Corey.

  • The Palestinians should be patient, just continue to get better educated and prosperous and, over time, they will outnumber the Jews. They are 20% now, they just need to be 50.1% in the future. At that point, they can rename the country "Palestine". End of occupation.

  • come down your high horses israelis your ancestors used to live for centuries side by side with muslims in our countries. and in most muslim countries your forefathers were treated better than in europe. no need for insults..

  • No we don’t feel like we’re living under occupation, we’re free in israel more than we’ll ever be in any arab shit country

  • The whitest video I have ever seen, segregated schools, cities and guess what? people you interviewed in Nablus don't elect the government that still controls every aspect of their lives including the right to movement. not occupation enough for you? that's right because according to the international law it's apartheid. and what do you base your claim on when telling people they're allowed to do things they tell you they're not allowed to do? I saw no references to what you are claiming. your arguments are weak, ignorant and marginalizing. and basing claims on your own experience doesn't reflect the system especially when your experience is that of a privileged white man in Israel.

  • for an Arab everything is occupation! let us not forget they occupied nations and they treated minorities very bad , untill this day. ask the Coptic Christians in Egypt. its not always racism. you are unfortunately a security threat !!! if you prove you want to live in peace and to take an active part in Israeli society which most of you are not willing still.and you accept the right for the jews to have there own state and not an all citizen state ,which is a death warrant to the jewish state, then you will have a wonderfull exsitance . israel is better in every way comparing the shit holes around it .take your pick Arab… what will happen to this place if you will call the shots??! think about it. you know the answer deep within . and as i recall the Koran see jews as descendents of Ape…well if that is not racism i dont what is. and the matter of fact this ape people created a jewel of a state under the sky which you the 'suprem humans' are still unable to copy .learn from those who can .

  • Discrimination is much more correct word to describe what Israeli arabs feel in Israel. But word occupation is not at all about it. Each arab citizen inside borders of 48 have his citizenship and theoretically should be handled exactly as any other jewish citizen. Anyway lately Israel’s current government does everything it can to make Arabs feel not wanted and not welcomed to the jewish society. It includes almost constitutional law that says that every jew has a right to live in Israel as their hometown, but say nothing about other minority’s that include Arabs, Druz and others (which means no right at all for them to live in this land). Also it includes direct message of the prime minister Netanyahu that directly spoke that each minority that doesn’t like what happens in Israel are welcome to go out – Druz to Syria, Muslim Arab to muslim countries and Christians to Europe countries. Unfortunately the current government goes opposite way from democratic state to orthodox jewish state.

  • They better act stupid… Notice the only one that truly spoke you could not see her. She knows the reality..

  • Israel is a Jewish state this land is only for Jewish. we are extremely nice to let the Arabs to live in Israel and the arabs don't appreciate it. The Palestinians that live in Lebanon are treated like dogs without any rights and there is not arabs countries give citizenship to Palestinians.

  • Funny the Arabs invaded in 638 AD they had 1400 years and never made much of the place and indeed it was a backwater till the Jews returned.

  • Jews are winning and the winners NOT because they are heros or special but Because MUSLIMS ! have lost islam and now God is angry from them !

  • These things that they claim as occupation is everywhere mostly in the third world countries and Arab countries too. The majority rules the minority. Its everywhere and we live with that?

  • There is racism towards arabs in Israel, which causes discrimination, but they don't live in occupation nor apartheid

  • I thought this was common sense but yet again it has been proven not to be. Facts don't care about your feelings.
    Advocates for the Arabs in Judea and Samaria are fond of claiming that Israel "occupies" Judea and Samaria, frankly many of them claim that the entirety of Israel is "occupied palestine." completely ignoring the actual international definition of occupied land.
    Under international law, an “occupation” is when a sovereign state overtakes the territory of another sovereign state. "Palestine" was never a state: the land in question in Judea and Samaria, was never sovereign territory of any country, its last "occupiers" were the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, until it was liberated by Israel in 1967 thus it cannot be “occupied" land according to actual international law."
    So stop giving credibility to a nonsense argument just because it FEELS like you are being fair and balanced. the FACTS are that the land may be disputed, but the land was clearly part of the lands granted by international agreement to Israel, (The Mandate for Palestine) regained by Israel through force after they were occupied illegally by Jordan and now need to be annexed.
    You can argue all you like about "reality on the ground" or " numbers and demographics" I am stating simple immutable fact, it is the moral and rational right of Jews to live with self determination on their ancestral lands. period.

  • That's so funny, they don't know what occupation is. Sure there might be some discriminating incidents, but they are relatively minor and would hopefully change in due time. And the last guy said a lot of bullshit. Maybe if people in your community stop blowing themselves up or stubbing citizens, then we won't search for you because you are "special." The problem is that we can't know who is a terrorist and who is a peaceful human being. Better be safe than sorry and check everyone. If you really want change, educate your kids to stop terrorism, condemn terror acts. Stand with us and let us feel that we can trust you. The only "discrimination" there is, is extra security cautions, that are applied because many "Palestinians" in your community are terrorists. Do something about it. It's your problem as well as it ours.

  • Living under occupation means that a bunch of people from different countries of Europe and other parts of the world have gathered together and have stolen your country, changed it's name and its official language and it's system and everything and if you want to build a house or anything you have to ask permission from THEM cause they are your BOSS now and are still continuously bombing your people who live in Palestine. So at this point having a job or being allowed to go to university is just a basic human right and doesn't change anything.They want THEIR land back…All of it cause it was THEIRS.

  • I don't understand why discrimination should not make you feel like you have been occupied, surely discrimination is one major byproduct of occupation.

  • Ahhhhh, Rima, how incorrect you are on that. In fact a major piece of the discussion is the Arab propensity for renaming other People's Lands, and redefining and renaming generally. However, just as referencing South Levantine Arabs as "Palestinians", doesn't make Arabs anything but Arabs, doesn't make them Romans, and doesn't make them "Sea People". Rather like the redefinition of such words as "apartheid", "genocide", and "stolen", redefined beyond recognition, to the point of laughability. It isn't up to defeated colonizers from the desert who violated their own borders to rename someone else's heartlands, and certainly doesn't change the names for the areas in use for millenia. Long before the Arabs conquered, and even then nobody called Judea/Samaria "West Bank" then either…not until the Jordanians, and reflective of the population being Jordanian for 19 years.

  • I don't understand why they don't just leave if they feel like they're living under "occupation."

  • the second woman tries to accuse Israel for not being able to travel to muslim countries…
    wow, what an occupation.
    Not to mention, that it is not Israel who forbids it, but the arab countries themself.

    Such muslims need to be kicked out of the jewish state. Only nice people, that support the state, shall live there. Simple.

  • 9:12 איך זו גזענות? מה לעשות לשוטר לאיש ביטחון יש דמויות חשודות… ראית לאחרונה מחבלת מתאבדת שוודית (שנולדה בשוודיה)? בודהיסטית? נוצריה (סתם בשביל הכיף)? מה לעשות שרוב המחבלים ב100 שנים האחרונות הם מוסלמים? לחפש בכח אנשים שהם לא מתאימים לסטריאוטיפ? יש אנשים שמתו ומנעו פיגוע כך…

  • Neither the interviewer nor the interviewees ― understand the term "occupation".
    Just one example ― the guy who wasn't allowed to work in a kosher restaurant ― wouldn't be allowed to work there ― even if it would be Palestine; it's just part of their religion. There are always collisions between cultures; a totally separate issue.

  • The question is :Do you FEEL.. somebody needs to explain to the Israelis what the word "FEEL" means.. If a government made a part of the citizens feel they are under occupation then there is a problem with this government

  • People can't fired you because you're not jewish in isreal. It's illgal. I recommend to him to go to the court and they will put the guy who fired him in prison

  • What she said about that israel don't have an arabs seats in the parleiment is just not true. The third largest party is an Arab party. And the issue that there are not many in the parleiment is because they're not enough people they are like 17% of the israelis and for getting one seat in the parleiment you have to get 3.25% of the whole state to vote for you.

  • הסרטון הזה פשוט מראה. עד כמה שערבים הם ברי מזל לגור פה. אז דיי כבר לבכות כל שנייה

  • The lovely girl said they are living under occupation yet she's studying at university to become an engineer….

  • Pretty much all the Arabs interviewed said they felt they lived under occupation, yet Israelis say their country is so 'free' and 'democratic'. The Nation State law, on the other hand, solidifies Israel as a properly aparthied state. Great project, btw. Very interesting!

  • These people who state that they are living under occupation seem like there are doing fine. They are university educated, speak multiple languages, have the latest iPhone etc. Brainwashed to be victims

  • I would love to visit Israel and Palestine and make my owm opinion the TV is so biased! But i can't my country don't have relations with Israel ;/

  • I’m from Egypt. The arabs in israeil are under occupation because they and their grandparents lived on their land for thousands years ago and then in 1948 the jweish people from europe, america, russia and even from egypt and other middle east countries came to their land with new different language, culture and ethnicity to govern the native citizens (arabs: muslim, christians and jewish palestinians) and also killed them. I think they cannot tell that clearly in this video. The problem is not just traffic jam , educationor bus stop !!!!! It’s like when the british empire occupied egypt and india for a long time.

  • This should be translated in Arabic , because many Muslim people think that Israel kill Palestinian in a daily basis but here it seems that they are working with them normally and they don't even consider it as occupation . Well there is too many things to discuss about the Israel/ Palestine but at least there is some rights that Palestinian s have in Israel

  • Ofc there are things they can’t do. They are 2nd class citizens. They can’t do a lot of shit. Ur asking a ppl that been under occupation for 60 years like they would know wat it feels like to be free. Tf

  • Shows that none of those interviewed can specify anything that makes their lives difficult due to "occupation". The media has them so brainwashed that the only consensus is that they can feel the "occupation" in the air, nothing specific.

  • Funny..those interviewers can not even answer why they 2nd class citizen The only Jewish state in the world. The people that hate them are allowed to live such good lives,how is that in Iraq,Saudi arabia,Yemen etc.If Jews were allowed to be 4th class citizens and not killed,,disgraced,,desecrated,robbed,threaten forcrd to convert if given a choice plus 50 more evil things,,Jews would have been greatful. Were not Jews there for 100s of generations ? How longwere most of the other 3 generations?

  • at least I remember 30yrs ago Palestinians could not travel within Israel freely,they couldn't just drive to Eilat or across the country without permission. If they did they where stopped and asked mikkions of questions. But maybe that is not a problem anymore?

  • they love to say that they live under occupation but they dont know why.
    thats funny
    the arabs in israel live the best life in the middle east

  • It seems the victim mentality is ingrained deep in the Arabs of Israel. The only country in the middle East where Arabs get universal rights and women are free to do whatever they want to do. Now imagine if Jews lived in Palestine as a minority.

  • 13:50
    Amazing, this schmuck complaining that line to social security benefits AKA Jewish money is not as comfortable as in Jewish neighborhood , it is not comfortable to take money from the Jews

  • bituach leumi is horrible for everyone. i've seen jews in wheelchairs have to fight them for a disability pension. many people are reduced to tears by how they are treated by bituach leumi.

  • I'm Canadian-israeli and at regard to what the last dude said about the police just waiting there to give a ticket, that happens here in Toronto too and everywhere I travel in North America, their job is to search for an issue it's not only in Israel. Secondly, these students who say yes to occupation are studying to become engineers and doctors in Israeli universities just like any Jew. Plus if u go to an Israeli hospital many of the nurses and doctors are Arab, it's not called occupation is called being ungreatful.

  • I would not call it occupation. Israeli arabs are simply second-class citizens. They have a good live compared to arab countries and a bad life compared to democratic countries cause they may have rights that officially exist in the israeli law but do not apply in real life.

  • This video shows clearly that you can occupy a nation and tame them into accepting the status quo, he is asking them why you are occupied as Arabs in hebrew, and they can't speak into the history of jews coming into their land, as if they had no history education.. the first sign that they are occupied is that they can't speak their language, their leaders have to be jews, they live in the religious jewish state of Israel.. etc

  • What a silly question? Arabs are natives to Palestine whereas Jews who arrived after 1948 are usurpers. Illegal occupants.

  • A Jew in Israel sees Social Security only when he is old, sick or unemployed for a long time, there is no reason for any population to go on massive social security masses at such a young age, unless they try to sting the system

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