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ASCLS Career Recruitment Video, Closed Captioned

(music) (music) (music) This is what they said. Hi. My name is Dave Keren. I’m the Medical
Director of Clinical Pathology at the University of Michigan, and I can hardly
wait to get to work every day. And I get to work with some wonderful people
too. What I love about my job is solving puzzles. Every day there’s a new puzzle. This is where you can see “science meets
medicine”. I like math and science and I fell into this career, and I love it because it’s ever changing and it’s
always interesting. It provides me with career opportunity which is very challenging and very rewarding at the same time. Hi, I’m Suzanne Butch, and for 40 years I was in the Blood Bank and Transfusion Service, and now I’m in the Department of Health Care
and Quality Improvement. Now, what do I love about my career? It changes
all the time. If you look back over those 40 years, you’ll see even in Blood Banking there’s
innovation and change and automation. What a wonderful career. I really enjoy learning the new techniques and new technologies and testing platforms that are constantly coming into the clinical
laboratory. And finally, I really enjoy mentoring students and creating the future medical laboratory
professionals that will become my colleagues one day. We have fun. We love what we’re doing. And we help people. What could be a better job? (music) (music)

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