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Asking Others for Job Search Help

Patra, I just lost my job. Do you have anything?
You know of anything? What am I going to do? Why all of us start out with, “I need a
job!” is we’re desperate often, we’re scared, we’re having trouble coping. All
real normal human emotions – they just lost a contract, you’re really worried, you’ve
got to pay the bills. But at the same time, it sets you up for failure
because the probability that anyone you know has a job that’s right for you is pretty
slim. But the probability that you know people who can help you, terrific; there’s a lot
of people who can help you. So you need to know how do you ask for help.
First, you need to think of all the people you know and what they’re good at and how
you connect with that. And then you can think about which ones offer which help.
. Maybe you know somebody who really is terrific at writing and they’re really good at it
and they do it for a living, whatever. That’s the person you want to have look at your resume
when you finally have it really put together well, so that they can help you to make it
the most effective, the best, no spelling errors, no anything. That’s what you need
from them. And that’s what you’re going to ask that person for specifically.
You’re going to need to find people in your target companies. How do you do that? Well,
obviously you may look at some of the people you know, say, on LinkedIn or Facebook and
see that they work at one of those places. Clearly they’re an obvious connection. But
you might also find that you are connected to the person at that company through someone
else you know. When you are talking to people, you’re asking them for the kind of help
that they can give you. Why that is important is most people want to help. Most of us have
been through a job search ourselves. We know it’s tough. We’re happy to help you. But
we can only help you in ways that we can offer something and that has the value that it’s
much easier for us to help you, so we will. It’s much easier for you than to come back
and say thank you.All of those things are why you ask specific people for specific help.
And that will make your job search smarter, faster, and ensure you get to the right job
far more quickly and far better than just saying, “Patra, help. I need a job!” which
won’t help you much at all. Thanks!

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