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Astrology Answers Tarot Talk #4 – Tarot & Career with Biddy Tarot & Brigit Esselmont

hello and welcome to Tarot Talk
Astrology Answers’ new monthly video series designed to help you bring Tarot
and intuition into your everyday life for more clarity meaning and purpose
I’m your host Brigit Esslemont modern-day tarot teacher and founder of Biddy Tarot. I’ve read for more than ten thousand people and have taught over
three and a half thousand students from 40 countries online and every year I
inspire over six million people to discover the Tarot through my website and I believe that Tarot is a tool that anyone can use to
access their intuition and create their ideal life and I’m on a mission to bring
tarot to the mainstream just like yoga and meditation. Now today we’ll be
looking at the many ways that tarot can help you create a more fulfilling career
maybe change career direction or align your work with your soul purpose and
even overcome those conflicts and disagreements at work so let’s get into
it now our first question is Now first up as much as we might want it to the Tarot won’t make that decision for you it’s entirely up to you it will however
help you explore your options so that way you can make a decision that’s right
for you if you’re questioning whether to leave your job then pull the card for
what you might experience if you were to quit and pull another card for what you
might experience if you were to stay now sometimes the answer will be very clear
and you’ll see which option is most in alignment with your desires however if
you are still a little bit confused pull another card and ask what do I need to
consider as I make my decision this will help you to see what other factors might
be influencing your choice and how to integrate them with your options now if
you find that you have to stay in your job perhaps for financial reasons or you
don’t really enjoy being there all I want you to do is pull the card to find
out what you can do to make it more engaging you can always find something
to look forward to even if it is the end of the day now the next question is absolutely in fact I did a lot of tarot readings when I was considering leaving my corporate job to pursue Biddy Tarot full-time and
originally many of the cards were coming up reversed indicating that now was not
a good time to make the move but once my card started appearing upright then I
knew that the Stars had aligned and it was go time now you can also use the
tarot to test out a few ideas simply ask what might experience if I pursued this
idea and see what’s in alignment and what feels good and then go with those
options all right next question literally by using the Tarot and checking in with yourself regularly it really is that simple so every time you’re facing an important decision in
your work whether it’s starting a new project accepting a job offer or
building a new working relationship just check in with your Tarot cards and ask
how does this align with my soul’s calling, really feel into the energy
around the card and the opportunity does it feel awesome or does something feel a
little bit off. pay attention to that because it’s your intuition talking to
you okay next question Yes, hopefully by now that you know Tarot can help with almost anything so here’s a simple 3 card Tarot spread to use when
you’re experiencing conflict at work or anywhere else for that matter. draw a
card for what you need in this working relationship then what your boss needs
and third how you can work on the relationship together for example you
might discover that your boss needs you to be more organized while you need to be more appreciated you can use this information to communicate
more openly and effectively with one another and that way you can find some
common ground and then use that third card which is how can you work on the
relationship to really guide you through the process trust me it is super powerful all right a reader question from Katie on Facebook well for me I love using Tarot
to check in with my intuition especially as new opportunities arise and I want to
know if they’re in alignment or not now also pull Tarot cards whenever I
feel a little stressed or frazzled at work thankfully not too often and it
helps me keep grounded and deal with any of those underlying issues that might be
coming up and finally I like to draw cards for a bit of inspiration as I’m
writing marketing copy and content for the blog it’s really amazing how
versatile the Tarot can be now let’s wrap it up with my Tarot tip for today
so next time you find yourself at a crossroads in your career whether it’s
choosing between two equally awesome job offers leaving a current workplace or
even starting a new career path allow helping you to point the way that’s right for you each and every time
you turn inward and to the cards you’ll be fostering and strengthening your
decisiveness and in the discernment which will make those tricky choices
easier and easier well there you have it I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s video you
can learn more about tower by following Biddy Tarot and Astrology Answers at the
handles below thank you so much and bye for now

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