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#astrologyandprofession | Find your career via Astrology | choose profession according to kundali

Om Namah Shivay Career or profession is the most important topic a lot of times we notice that we are not happy with the choice of our profession or career why is that, its because we don’t put our 100 per cent passion and soul into it Our body is made from five elements Fire, Water, Earth, Sky and Air Similarly in some particular beings
the fire element is on a higher side and their Mars is very strong
so such people will put all their effort for Army or Police jobs
and they will do good now how to find out
which career we should choose and what will be the best choice of career i will tell all the basic things
which a common man can relate to suppose in a horoscope the Jupiter is very strong and if you want your son to be in the following professions like, Teacher, Philosophy, Laywer, Judge
they will do good in their career if the Venus in the horoscope is good
then music, entertainment, art industry drawing related field, hotel industries also, you can send them to Vehicle-related work Third field is related to public dealing,
travelling, restruant, food industry, or dairy if you are opting for these as career then moon in your horoscope should be very strong if the Planet mercury is strong
then the Kid will be very intelligent you can advise him to be a Chartered Accountant
or an Astrologer, he can be a good Orator any field which requires the speaking ability
send the kid to that profession if the communication is good
then also send the kid there if the work is related to printing,
and since the mercury is strong, you must send the kid if Planet Saturn is strong in the horoscope
then you can send him to mining related work or Engineering related,
where a person has to work with a lot of labours if Planet Saturn is strong in the horoscope,
send the kid to politics you need to take care
along with Planet Saturn, Sun has to be really strong
then only he will be famous if your Rahu (the Lunar North Node) is good
in horoscope then you can advise for the any computer related
career such person will do extremely well
in the field of computers if the Rahu planet is really strong
Research work is an alternate option it will be a good career choice
other options could be Stockbrokers, Investment Gambling, Aviation industries if the Rahu planet is really strong these will be good career options Ketu – (the Lunar South Node) if the Ketu
is good in horoscope such person will do good in religious works Sun – If Sun is good in your Horoscope
then such people might do Government related jobs jobs with authority and power other options can be work related to Gold Mars – if Planet Mars is good in your Horoscope
then Police, Military, work related to construction Army, work related to Arms and Amunation
Engineering, or work related to Iron industry these are good options so please keep these things in mind
do not force your child that if you want he should become an engineer you only get satisfaction in the profession
when its by your choice and you are capable of carry out your duties so please take care of these things one last thing if you like my videos, please subscribe the videos
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so that everyone is benefitted let’s meet again Om Namah Shivay

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