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Auckland Clip 5: On Starting a Political Career

what would you say to a young man looking to get into politics well the first thing I would say is it’s a mistake to be fatally cynical about politics because for all the reasons there are to be fatally cynical about politics there’s much more reason to be fatally cynical about the conflict that will inevitably arise or the tyranny that will inevitably manifest itself if we can’t handle the dirty business of politics properly so I would say don’t become prematurely cynical about it the next thing I would say is what do you know and that’s a very important question it’s like what does it mean to get into politics exactly does that mean to seek political power does that mean to seek power well first of all you shouldn’t be seeking power you should be seeking competence and in order to seek competence you better know something and so I would say well if you want to get into politics you want to educate yourself you know and all the things you need to be educated in life I mean you can you can start to play the political game to familiarize yourself with it but you know it’s not such a bad idea – oh it’s not such a bad idea to have a job for a while and maybe a career and maybe it’s not such a bad idea to have a successful career upon in which people are dependent on you so that you start to understand what that sort of responsibility means and then maybe it’s not such a bad idea to have a family because like human beings mature adult human beings tend to have families and and they transform when they have families because when you have children then someone becomes more important to you than you are and you’re not mature until that happens and so that’s necessary and so I would say well make sure that if you’re looking to get into politics that you’re even more look to get into competence and that you learned everything you can possibly learn that would make you a reasonably wise person by the time you attain whatever level of power you might Authority let’s say you might be seeking I mean I’ve seen lots of people get into politics you know this happens with ideologue Xand the way they ratchet themselves up the power hierarchy is by being more effective avatars puppets of their particular ideological stance and there’s nothing about that that’s useful there’s nothing in it that will solve any real-world problems and there’s plenty that will make it much worse and so if that’s what getting into politics means I would say stay the hell away from it but if it’s a matter of developing your character and then at some point adopting your social responsibility then go for it and more power to you because we need people who are competent and careful and truthful and courageous and forthright to enter the political sphere so that things don’t degenerate and hopefully have some chance of at least maintaining themselves or improving so there’s you need what do you need to know you need to be really good at at least one thing you have to specialize you have to be a great networker you have to know a lot of people you have to be honest you have to be articulate you have to you have to have a vision you have to have a strategy you have to know something about history and economics and politics be good to know something about science you know you have to be a polymath of sorts before you should dare to enter that realm with any degree of confidence because otherwise all you are is a loose cannon and you’ll come up with global proposals to improve improve the world you know by waving your wand that will do nothing but make everything worse

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  • Killer instinct placed right and death pacified in the concept of mercy before so many other things.

    Red lightning jap market cheat is caught right there.

    Criminal is running a natural order social generational cheat on that point for a full seal.

    Best video for what deepest dream self can do to internal interference minus the subtitles.

  • Politics is no more than the progression of ideas through a society. Those ideas need to come to rest in the minds of a majority in order for them to be democratically useful, or viable. Do they need management, no, they need only to be heard, discussed and argued.
    So possibly there is no use for politics unless it is also tied to retention of power and authority which as we all know is the trap for most primates, including us. Management of any common interests is all that is left and that is the world of projects and business which requires people with excellent working memories to be able to manage all the threads.
    In short we don't or can't expose people to power except briefly. The political (ideas) changes will make their own way if shepherded correctly. However managers need direction, mission statements, goals. That sort of thing.
    Democracy has to support the above imperatives. To do its job it has to be robust, immediate and trustworthy. Below is a blend of Liquid, Direct and Representative Government called Vision Representation that may be the ideal system for humankind. Each nation will adopt its own culturally compatible version.
    If we can build up to the following we will have created an irreproachable democracy. The pinned post and its primary comments (II – VII) for the gist of the idea. (10 minutes reading)

  • Serious question.
    Any literature on transgender therapist (meaning the therapist IS transgender) giving therapy to patients?
    A close friend of mine decided to get some help from a psychologist center referred to her by her GP. when she called the asked if she prefers a male or female psychologist because the wait for the a male or female would be over a month. However, they asked if you done mind a gender neutral therapist you can be seen right away.
    So my friend said okay. Had her appointment come to find the therapist has transitioned from female to male. The therapy wants to see her again tomorrow.
    Any help would be appreciated

  • He needs to talk with Wes Watson. That would be a super interesting conversation with Jordan diving into all sorts of unexpected areas

  • I'm 28 and standing for regional council in my New Zealand region and everything JP says here reaffirms my confidence in my position as an environmental scientist and community educator. Thanks once again JP!

  • In a democracy politics is about public service. Politicians are elected on the basis of the good they can perform for society. Like in other spheres of life, leadership is about what you can do for other people that will make them want to support you and follow you. There is a need to put others ahead of yourself.

  • He's only partially correct. Young people should get into politics while they're young and relatively powerless so they can get burned a few times, and become cynical and knowledgeable about how the corruption works, and who works for it. You will be defeated. Then, once you have been taken as a pawn by your "friends" and crushed by your enemies, start your adult life, gain in power, and then use the power of your dollars to drive the professionals who have proven themselves to be competent and not yet corrupted to the finish line.

  • As long as you don't need to be qualified to be a politician in a certain field. I'd say just trial and error, and go for it. We clearly don't care either way.

  • Ahhh, was in the audience and I remember thinking to myself: Plato's Ship of State.

    This clip brings to the surface memories from that evening. It has been so hard of late to treat myself as somebody worth helping, which was the main topic of the evening. It's funny how life can take a sharp turn and throw you into a pit of your own inadequacies in a heartbeat. Sigh.

  • Anyone who thinks Jordan Peterson is a deep thinker or is in any sense profound, is simply uneducated. He plunders the existentialists and then adds a dash of Ayn Rand style "objectivism" to sell a version of spiritually-tinged self-help neoliberalism that is as weak and noxious as the 4chan incels who prostrate themselves before his image.

  • As for politics. I was passed over by the Federal Government for an arts grant because they are "helping" immigrants & visable minorities gain a foot hold in a Country they never shed blood for, now that's racism. Type in: The myth of Canada pt1-4., Doug Force – The myth of Canada., Forgotten Roman law.,Rob Menard., Dean Clifford., Barbra Specter calls for the destruction of the European culture., Canada, no Country for White men. enjoy

  • Professor, please don't stop posting your lessons in class, you are an amazing source of knowledge. I'm Brazilian and our universities here are garbage, with your channel i can REALLY study, and i'm sure others too. Thanks for your work, you're are making the world a better place by sharing your knowledge. Thank you very much! Cheers from Brazil!

  • Dr. JBP is talking about Trump 'waving his wand' and 'making things worse'! – China is rising fast. Trump stands fast against them. Now, if you don't see the aggression already happening in and around China, you're not paying attention; Hong Kong, Taiwan. Now, Russia laughs at Canada – for lack of Arctic presence. Why? – Fire Ice.
    Back to Trump; his 'magic wand' was to impose Tariffs on China. And, by and large, this has be hugely successful. Because, there's this huge debt that has to be paid for; now it can be paid in taxes/tariffs and devaluation of USD.
    So, the 'magic wand' is working – you just have to have faith. As for North Korea, and Iran, the maximum pressure will ultimately outlast the leaders themselves…hopefully, saner minds will rule NK/Iran someday. If not, well, a stronger America – withdrawing from Afghanistan and elsewhere…makes the future more secure. Plus, getting NATO to pay a greater share…
    Never reported by the news media…unfairly so. Ridiculed by the 'elitists'…who know/show nothing…

  • Not that I'm an expert, but I would say if you want to "get into politics", get a law degree and then work as a prosecutor or public defender… Maybe become a cop or even just a security guard if you're not in a position to do that yet. The fundamental distinction between government work and non government work is that agents of the government are allowed to use force. That is a concrete skill you can become competent in… But if you already have a bachelor's, take the LSAT and try to get a law degree.

  • "You'll do nothing by waving your wand but make matters worse." A reference to "the One", the self proclaimed Savior of the planet and premature peace prize recipient, Barrack Hussein Obama.

  • We just need much much much more of Jordan Peterson – everywhere – but probably more so in the UK at the moment. We are at the bottom man! Sorry just being a bit desperate here 😫

  • I wish he would run for politics. But Jordan is Canadian, so no such luck. Canuckpolis (Canadian politics) I made that up. Pronounced: Can-ook-pol-is.

  • OMG. Professor Petersen, you're at 2.26 million subscribers. That's got to be the highest climb ever seen for a non-vacuous channel ever. People accidentally watch one of your interviews or formal presentations, and they track you down. To here. It's pretty clear you understand the Zeitgeist in historical terms and future potentials. I am not religious, but I can see how old texts are trying to impart wisdom and tell of terrible catastrophes of old which could reoccur.

  • 'It is a mistake to be fatally cynical about politics.' [What does this mean? You can be so cynical that you die, or so cynical that other people die?] 'There is much more reason to be fatally cynical about the conflict that will arise or the tyranny that will inevitably manifest itself if we can't handle the dirty business of politics properly.' 'What do you know, that is a very important question.'

    [Lets try and make sense of this. You should be cynical about the conflict that will arise? What conflict and why should you be cynical about conflict? What tyranny will inevitably manifest? So you can't stop tyranny from happening, and what level of tyranny by who exactly? We should handle politics properly? That is some seriously helpful advice. I thought we should handle it improperly. It is important to know what you know? That is JP giving me advice? Here is some advice from me to JP. Don't open your mouth until you have a coherent idea to share. To all JP fans, I have never heard JP string together a single useful and coherent paragraph anywhere. Please find one and share it with me.]

  • :'( Dr. Peterson seems to me to be looking very tired and in pain. I am sorry. Hopefully I'm wrong. Please be well JB. And thanks for your advice.

  • Sure do miss those Biblical lectures. Wish you could interview some a those fancy Cambridge dons or interview some politicians about what they
    want voters to know :). go down to Peru and interview some of the ayahuasca devotees. Or just film some more classes. Just brainstorming. I'm believing you have , or are having, some new things you might wish to share — or not. Hope everything is going better and best with family and loved ones. 🙂

  • Dear Dr. Peterson. Maybe an experiment with this could prove beneficial for you and yours?

  • You should get a cameraman that documents your positiv interactions with people stoping you on your tours. So people can see people like them selves coming up to you and thanking you. If it’s not to much. The message gets more powerful. People actually see genuine gratitude for your help. Thank u.

  • question: what would you say to a young man getting into politics?

    Jordan Peterson : don't be a bad politician. (translated)

  • Im conducting a survey as part of my honours thesis which involves similar themes to Jordan's book. Particually, trust, authority, tradition and social media. Please feel free to fill it out! –

  • Me:So, what you do for living?
    Person: i put ads on youtube
    Me: (beat the person to the point she/he can barely breath)
    Also me (while the person struggling not to die): i fully understand thats your job, i really do, but you need to understand i would never forgive myself if i just leaved this conversation pretending that never hapenned

  • As much as I love Jordan Petersen he is not cut out for politics……..he always tells the truth and genuinely wants to help people………ever met a politician that does that? I for one like JP in the “intellectual” arena………he is too pure for politics.

  • "mature adult human beings tend to have families, and they transform when they have families, because when you have children then someone becomes more important to you than you are, and you're not mature until that happens. So I'd say that's necessary." — Such a well formed statement. Something I contested my whole life until I finally became a parent, and a can only agree with this statement whole-heartedly now. Hard to listen to this for most people that don't have kids, but it's as true as truth gets.

  • "It's a mistake to be fatally cynical about politics, because for all the reasons there are to be fatally cynical about politics there's much more reason to be fatally cynical about conflict that will inevitably arise- or the tyranny that will inevitably manifest itself- if we can't handle the dirty business of politics properly.

    So I would say don't become prematurely cyncial about politics."

    And THIS is the man who is being called a FASCIST by the Left???

  • How you noticed the amount of young women and men going into politics wanting to save the world single-handedly? Get a job and then consider politics.

  • Well said Jordan. The sublime self entitlement out of AoC and countless others on both sides is absolutely staggering and deeply damaging and profoundly divisive

  • you have to love people first and for most before yourself ok to be in politics or stay home and just be a drug king pin

  • Praying for your recovery and rehab. After all of the times that you and your family helped others, it's time for you to also take good care of yourself. God bless and rest well

  • Extremely well put. This is an indictment of career politicians. And, I think, Trudeau in particular. I hope Dr. Peterson would consider a political run himself. I noticed that he checks all those boxes!

  • The Dutch prime minister never had a wife or kids. I already suspected him to care and understand so much less about people things, and what's really important.

  • Of course my first reaction was "DON'T get into politics". I also realize Jp is fully capable of taking 4 minutes to say that very thing…. But he is smarter than that. He does a nice job of breaking down the preparations and qualities needed to be effective at becoming and being a politician. The only thing I'd add would be to be prepared for the mindless people who have become politicians for all the wrong reasons. Do you want to place yourself front and center with people like that? It could very easily be said that Donald Trump possesses this trait yet he also possesses the ability to negotiate and be as strong or stronger than his opposition. His passion is and always has been negotiating and winning those negotiations. In 2016 I was going to vote for Ben Carson, hands down. But then when DT came in and showed his willingness to take on anyone who came in front of him I changed my mind. Ben may still have been a better candidate but by that time the Democrats most likely would have steam rolled Ben. Ben is in politics for the right reasons and he is fully capable. If Ben were our President now it may be more likely that there would be discussions rather than mud slinging but as far left as the Democrats have gone it's hard to determine whether negotiations would have been successful with someone of Ben's character. JP does an excellent job of explaining this subject very effectively but still I think getting in to politics takes even more. The ability to deal with the people in politics for the wrong reasons could well be enough for a lot of qualified people to walk away.

  • Get well soon, Dr. Peterson! You are loved and appreciated by millions! So grateful to God for your influence for good in this world!

  • This book really changed my life, I recommend 12 Rules For Life for anyone, this is a MUST read:

  • Jordan Peterson wondered why his following is predominantly male. Maybe it's because they found him through a source other than YouTube? I just directly searched YouTube for his name, and this channel did not come up. I had to go to google and time in "Jordan Peterson's YouTube channel" to find it – having known of it's existence due to one of his talks posted on someone else's channel. I wouldn't have known about Jordan Peterson at all if it hadn't been for his interview with Ben Shapiro.

  • Clonazepam heroes unite! We can win this world back if we just keep micro dosing! #powersugar #drpetersonforprez

  • 99% politicians would have to resign for not meeting the (justifiably) proposed standard

    said "polymaths" are usually the ones overly cynical about politics and pursue a different career, which is part of the reason why things aren't getting better

  • Geeeee Jordan! Politics in your description are about giving "PSYCHOPATHS" a platform to do what they are best at.
    So Jordan where are you on Robert Hares scale? Dare to make MRI scan of yourself and publishing it open?

  • Also something to bear in mind is it you should learn how Despicable power-hungry backstabbing people function and think about it a long time so you have some idea how you would go about it. That way you are not innocent and a target for the bad people. Even as a Good person, you want a reputation as some not to be trifled with. You have to know that they're going to come at you sideways and have remedy for it at hand

  • Dr. Peterson, would you be able to shed some wisdom about the situation in Hong Kong? It’s flooding the internet feed on this side of the world. Young people are taking the streets, blocking roads marching against Chinese rule and blaming police for brutality. I’m not as articulate or powerful in forming arguments and ideas to inspire people to do the right thing but listening to your videos has helped me be less resentful and try to make something of my life. I want to say to the young people: go do something useful and learn and get a good education and become a person with great value so that you can actually affect change. But I sense they need a more in-depth look into their psych and logical explanations to be motivated to do things, good things with their lives. They are so young but so political instead of trying to work on their futures, they demand their futures…

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