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[Auslan] Employment Assistance Fund (EAF) Explained

I’m here to give you some information
about EAF. EAF is
the Employment Assistance Fund. Some people are a little confused
as to what the funding is, so I’d like to take some time
to explain that to you. EAF is funding to support deaf
and hard of hearing people within the workplace, so that means
that they can use that funding for either Auslan interpreting
or real-time captioning. Ai-Media is registered
with JobAccess to provide a real-time
captioning service called Ai-Live. You can receive funding
of up to $6,000 every 12 months. When the 12 months has ended, you can reapply
for another $6,000 worth of funding. If within that 12-month period you
change jobs or receive a promotion, you can ask again for a top up
to that $6,000. There are three different levels
of EAF – Auslan 1 is used for interpreting
or real-time captioning for deaf and hard of hearing people
in the workplace. Auslan 2 is for deaf
and hard of hearing people who are looking for work
and need access to job interviews. There is funding to help people
with interpreters and job interviews and, on a case-by-case basis, real-time captioning
may also be available. Auslan 3 is funding support
for colleagues in the workplace. If you already have a job, you can apply for funding
for your colleagues to go to an accredited
Certificate II Auslan course to help improve communication. Through JobAccess, you can also apply
for workplace modifications. For example, visual fire alarms or, if you use captioning, you may
also need a mobile phone or a tablet. You can apply for funding
to cover the cost of this equipment. You can also apply
for deafness awareness training for colleagues in your workplace.

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