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Australia Jobs | How to search high demand job Australia & NZ / My Exp/With English Subtitle/தமிழில்

Hello guys how are you all, hope you all doing good. Today we are going to see how to apply the jobs in Australia Many of you commented in last videos about we wish to migrate to Australia but we don’t know how to apply the jobs in Australia This video is especially for them Basically peoples were migrating to Australia by two main category. First one is got PR visa from India and migrate here. and second category is will look for job offer first then move here with work visa (with out PR visa) This video is for the second category peoples We will see in details how to search and apply the jobs in Australia and how to format CV (in brief) to suit Australia employer and about type of job search websites here.. and Also about minor tips to apply the jobs here…. Come on guys lets go into this video in details. The very first thing is to analysis your job profile demand in Australia. The high demand job will have more chances to get job offer soon… You could check this in Australia immigration official website. Search MLTSSL updated high demand skill list to check your job is in high demand or not in Australia… Immigration will often update this MLTSSL according to current situation in Australia also depends on number of new migrants…. So please make sure about your job profile is in High demand…By searching your job heading , For example Type Mechanical Engineer and check Also you could able to check possible type types of Visa applicable for your job title…. Next step is to check the salary / market rate for your job profile.. Check you salary in website Just type your job profile and check the min and max salary range. Then you may get the medium indicative salary as possible for your job role…. This salary range is not theoretical range instead based on actually paid salary by employer You may proceed with high hope after checking your job demand and salary range Now you may proceed to next step…. Before moving forward to job application, lets we discuss about CV preparation tips…. Lets now discuss the most important points about your CV to suits for Australia employer… Very first pint is don’t format the CV more than 3 pages. 2 pages is mostly recommended even if you having 20 yrs experience… You must include in brief about your skills, technical knowledge, strength, competencies and list of companies you were worked…… You don’t need to add any history that will frustrate the employer to go through… Next don’t add more personal information’s except Your name, email and contact phone number….. Next thing is just add brief about yourself in 4 lines on top of the CV…… Then add bullet points about your skills and knowledge… Then list your current company you are working also past companies worked… Then very important thing is to add reference check details (mention your current and past companies reporting managers contact details) In Australia and New Zealand reference check details is very important things to add in you CV…. When the employer decided to offer you then they should call your reporting manager and ask about your self…. in addition to this you may add you own supporting points…. Lets we see about how to apply the job applications in Australia… There is only three major website in Australia to search and apply the jobs…. Go to to look for the jobs in your profession…. Please use search filters to narrow down your search for accurate results….. open your suitable job listing and check the job description to suit your skills and experience…. Please check in the bottom of the listing about any visa requirement need prior to apply the jobs, if so please don’t apply that job… which means that employer not willing to sponsor any visa for that job…. Only apply the jobs closely matching to your profile…Don’t apply to all the jobs….. Don’t forget to add your personal cover letter to all job application…. You could add any supporting personal points like your interest for that job also explain the reason why that job is closely match your skill and experience… There is couple of more job search websites in addition to I displayed those sites on the screen Actually New Zealand also has similar system of procedure as Australia….. Hey guys, I just shared my own experience about job search in Australia… I hope this video is somewhat useful to those looking for job hunting for Australia…. If you have any questions and comments please leave in comment section…… If you like this video please share to your friends who is looking for the job search in Australia and New Zealand.. Ok friends see you in another interesting vlog. stay connected…. Thanks for your time….. you

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