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Automotive and Watercraft Service Attendant Career Video

Automotive and watercraft service attendants perform maintenance and minor repairs on cars, trucks, buses, and boats. These workers may change the motor oil in a vehicle engine, fill gas tanks, replace lights or wiper blades, any of the many details that are essential to keeping vehicles operational. Attendants also order stock and receive deliveries, sell merchandise, clean vehicles, and keep their work space and customer areas clean. Good customer service is important in this field where developing long-term customer relationships is often a goal. Attendants maintain records, and may follow up with personal reminders about service due on a customer’s vehicle. Much of their time is spent outside, exposed to the elements and working with hazardous equipment or around contaminants. Attention to detail and dependability are crucial qualities, to avoid stranding a customer at sea with a malfunctioning engine. Automotive and watercraft service attendants typically have a high school diploma or equivalent. Related technical certificates may be helpful.

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