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every job that I’ve had has been sort of an intangible conceptual job so I’ve never had a good story to tell my kids I have a brother-in-law who’s a bridge builder that’s so easy I build bridges the first question that we ask people sell what do you do for a living and and I think a job can very quickly become your identity I love I travel a lot all right let me describe that I traveled more than I used to I was on my way to speak at an HR Leadership Summit start talking my driver said so how long you been driving cab how do you like it he said uh it’s not my dream job Oh what is your dream job he said well when I was in Uzbekistan I was a Java developer and when he told me that I almost fell out of the back of the cab because I had just finished up my powerpoint presentation one of the last slides that I’d put into it was a profile of Java developers it was one of the top most competitive positions to recruit from we exchanged information I got his resume I passed along to two different recruiters that I know personally two weeks later I got an email from him and he said Keith thanks for being so nice to me I’m so happy I got a job as a junior Java developer in Chicago so I finally figured out recently the easiest thing to tell my kids it’s like oh then he helps people find jobs and I help companies find people and that’s a good thing all of us have a desire to do something meaningful I would want my kids to look at me and say that you know I’m a somebody who’s doing something significant in this world so if I can ever be in a position of helping somebody find that kind of alignment so that they feel like they’re doing exactly what they should be doing what they were created to do that’s a gift that carries over into every aspect of their life

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