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Be Ruthless: Filter Who You Take Advice From | The One Thing by Seeking Wisdom

This is it, we did an episode early on in in Seeking Wisdom history. Episode 4. Episode 4. This is Episode 150. Yep, go back to Episode 4 and it’s about be careful who you take advice from Ooooh. who goes into this model here right because one of the things that we talked about in that episode was that we are as humans, right we don’t want to offend people right? And so we are too democratic with our With our willingness to listen to everyone so we will treat the advice we got from someone who has no qualifications But maybe your buddy or maybe a family member and maybe may have the worst qualifications and might have negative traits. We will take and wait their feedback as much as someone who has repeatedly been successful and that you want to emulate especially today because anybody can get say anything to you on on the Internet Yes, which is the downside of all the social stuff on the internet And so you have to be really diligent and ruthless is how I frame it on making sure that you filter down to just the people that you take advice from and this is where it dovetails with what we’re talking about today, which is The 5 people around you, right? because you do not have you only have so much glycogen in the brain each day here, and so You do not have the mental capacity the energy the willpower to be able to filter out all of the bad stuff and just be able to be smart enough to filter the good stuff So the best way to deal with that is to filter at the highest level Which is filter the set of people so that you’re getting more good stuff than bad stuff

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