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hello and welcome to everyone to the
first of our best practices webinar series my name is Meghan Swonger and I
am joined here by my colleague Amy King and we will be walking you through
today’s webinar hi everybody so today we will be discussing best practices when
it comes to better student outcomes data yielding better employment outcomes so
exactly how our partnership can help you do that here at GradLeaders your
students will receive increased exposure to recruiters in a variety of locations
and industries all through quality vetted opportunities we will show you
how simple the registration is for your students and what that looks like and
then followed by that we’ll walk through a brief GradLeaders recruiting demo
that Amy will be showing you so you can see exactly what it looks like as an
employer is going in and performing some of these searches in our employer facing
platform lastly we’ll review some key takeaways that will really help your
student success of successfully connect with our employer partners so let’s
break it down from there as Graduate as a grad leaders partner your students
gain visibility to 600,000 recruiters from over a hundred thousand companies
each season these recruiters are located in 160 countries and are all proactively
searching and filling their talent pipelines via these connections schools
on average receive a 30 percent increase in full-time postings and a 20% increase
in internships here is a sample lifting of some of our GradLeaders recruiting
employers which Amy King will be talking here in a few minutes she manages the
partnerships with all of these corporate partners on the other side of our
business to show the employer activity all over the world this math not only
demonstrates the locations but also the density of our recruiter network here we
can take a closer look at exactly what we’re talking about with the diversity
of the job postings we are we are giving you all types of jobs from full-time
through co-op position for every major and job function in
every industry as well as international jobs requiring a work off some with no
eligibility restrictions and then some with few restrictions as far as the
locations go we have jobs posted in every state within the US as well as
internationally we have jobs in 112 different countries so what does it
really mean when we say diverse yet targeted job postings
we’re targeted this means that recruiters can target specific schools
by name or region ensuring that jobs are specifically intended for your students
filtered our multi post technology automatically filters the list of
success selectable schools based on the type of job the employer is posting this
ensures that recruiters can’t send a nursing job to an art school and
aerospace engineering jobs to a business school we review and approve all job
postings before they’re even distributed to our school network in addition to
that you can also choose to approve or decline these jobs before they appear in
front of your students however with that being said we do want to note that
because of our new targeted and filtering process we’re confident that
you’ll want to approve almost all of the jobs that are being sent to you lastly
and I think what most importantly one of the largest differentiators of grad
leaders is unlike some other vendors GradLeaders offers a closed network and
the grad leaders careers in our platform is branded to your school to ensure that
your school’s brand is clearly identifiable and visible to your
students and employers making sure that ultimately you’re getting credit for
placing your students with their dream jobs not GradLeaders how does it all
work what does the process look like very simply stated students register
recruiter search and then grad leaders connects so first let’s take a look at
the simple registration for your students we have made this registration
process as simple as possible through a set of three steps hoping to
increase the engagement and also giving them access to do this right on their
smartphones next I will turn it over to Amy King and she will show you on the
flipside our employer partners are taking advantage of their partnership
with rather thanks Megan hi everybody thanks for joining us today and as Megan
said and I named eqing I am the director of customer success on the employer side
of our business I’ve been here for about 12 years and I have a pleasure of
working with all of our corporate partners who are looking to hire your
fabulous students and so we’re going to take just a little dive into the grad
leaders recruiting platform this being the central database where a wonderful
undergraduate and masters students live so right here what we’re doing is
getting that loaded up because there’s a ton of those guys in there we’ve got
about 900,000 today and that number is growing on the daily there we go so as I
said about 861 thousand today and what I’m going to walk you through is the
process that our corporate partners go through when they are looking for
specific talent and so we are course focused on the undergrads and so
typically what a recruiter would do they would come in and they would designate
what class here it is they need to find for whatever role they’re recruiting for
so I’m going to stick with our seniors or graduating seniors we also have some
masters candidates in there as well and so then what they do is they slide down
this list and they probably going to do something like choose a major and a
popular one I think none of you are going to be surprised by this would be
this computer information science category but you’re going to see there’s
a slew of them in here so we really let our employers get very granular about
what they’re looking for from not only a major standpoint but a ton of other
criteria that we’ll talk a little bit more about a little bit later but what
I’m going to do is I’m going to update this source real quickly so we can see
how these numbers change we started with eight hundred and sixty
one thousand then I added in senior so that dropped us to thirty four thousand
almost thirty five thousand in combination with the major category of
computer or information science but something I want to show you which is
really important as I’ve talked to every employer partner I support and that is
this question of a resume one hundred percent of our employer partners are
looking for a candidate resume so I am going to use this filter which allows me
to exclude candidates who do not have a resume and let’s let’s see what happens
to this number we’re going to lose some candidates unfortunately with this and
lookie there so not quite in half did we cut it and
then another kind of typical criteria we see a lot of our corporate partners
focus on is work authorization based upon whether or not they’re able to
sponsor for a given position so we’ll throw that criteria on and we will
crunch our search again and see what we land with so we’re at about eighty seven
hundred so what is that that’s about ten percent of what we started with so the
reason we wanted to walk you through this is to show the typical process that
an employer would take as they are looking for certain types of candidates
and then from here we give the the employer the ability certainly to look
at those candidate resumes they have the ability to reach out to candidates are
here on our grid you get a sampling of some of the schools who are luckily
yielding in the search because their candidates do indeed have the criteria
that these employers are looking for so if I pick on someone here since we’re
here in the state of Ohio pick on Kent State University we’ve got Nicholas here
look at here he’s in Dublin which is where all this is not so funny but
that’s a local boy anyway the employer certainly has the ability to see the
resume they can print this resume they can email the candidate do all sorts of
things I mean certainly what we’re encouraging our employers to do is
prolapse research and outreach to your candidates
with our opportunities so the gravity ders recruiting to will allow them to do
that another thing that we support through this GradLeaders recruiting
tool is a simple way for the recruiters to post job opportunities to your
universities so let me slide on over here to job postings and we’ll look at
this pretty quickly so let’s switch this over to undergrad job opportunities and
then it’s as simple as this we’re going to choose add a new job posting and then
the recruiter would come in here and I’m going to do something like chest but
we’ll do business analyst and then start date could be an actual date or they
could be something like TBD or it could be summer 2018 not just for the sake of
time I’m going to just pop in some test data and as Meghan mentioned a little bit
ago work authorization different companies stand in different places in
regards to this so we can say this one does not require any eligibility
restrictions and maybe we’ll call this a full-time opportunity then excuse me for
a senior and we’ll call this job we’ll say it’s in the Chicago metro area and
maybe the function is for business admin and then depending on what industry I’m
coming from we’ll say that I am with a beverage food consumer packaged goods
organization indicate what major I’m looking for what target degree I’m
looking for if I have a target minimum GPA I can throw that in there too not a
required field we do indicate required fields by these red asterisks in
notations the recruiter can put his or her information in title and so forth
and then they can designate an application method which ninety-nine
percent at a time we see our corporate partners using a website because that
ties into their career page and then allows them also to communicate with
their applicant tracking system all the while being compliant in the process but
I’ll just throw in my I’ll address because that is faster to
type and then I can save my posting and then we enable the employer the
recruiter to choose a list of schools to which they’d like to post and we’ve
decided this the easiest way to do this is by region because we know typically
they’ll be recruiting in it may be a try city or tri-state region for undergrad
opportunities so they could do it across the US or a couple of regions if they so
desired and so when I simply did is I clicked on the northeast region of the
map and now what I’m able to do is pull over state-by-state all of the
participating universities that are currently in our network will get
Connecticut there too and then I can submit this and then will be taken to a
screen where the employer has the opportunity to review his or her job
posting to ensure that they’ve not missed anything important and assuming
that the job does look good they are ready to go back and now post another
opportunity but as Megan describes what will then happen is this job will queue
up in an approval queue where someone here at GradLeaders is going to review
that opportunity to ensure that indeed it is appropriate for undergrads in this
instance so you’ll see here this is my awaiting approval and this leads you
find that it is a quality job from a reputable company that we have vetted
then of course we will approve it and then you’ll have the ability to do so as
well and from your perspective as an admin user all of these jobs as they’re
coming through and kind of sitting in your approval queue they will be notated
with an asterisk next to them this is a provision that only you will see as an
admin user your students will not but this also will be as an indicator for
you of those jobs that are coming to you via the partnership with grad leaders
and our multi post technology so talked a little bit about this when I was
actually conducting the search in that is
we talk a lot with our employer partners and I think that’s a unique aspect of
GradLeaders recruiting even before becoming broad leaders and when we were
known as MBA focus we have always worked with employers we have this really deep
and robust employer Network and so really you think of these employers as
the true consumer of your candidate so it’s important that we are putting their
best feet forward in terms of what are those data points that our employers
need to understand in order to make a well-informed hiring decision so we’ve
surveyed all of our corporate partners you’ll see here we’ve surveyed over not
quite a thousand of them last summer and this list is kind of a summary of the
key profile criteria employers are looking for as they’re searching for
undergrads top of the list of courses major and then followed by work off
current locations last year and I don’t need to read that whole list to you but
I will tell you that one thing that is understood by employers as a given is
that they must have a resume so that’s why you don’t see resume listed here in
this pick list because there’s an assumption that every candidate will
have a resume because when you’re talking about hundreds of thousands of
undergrads what will differentiate one undergraduate student from another is
that resume because if we’re just searching on criteria all of the
matching candidates will look the same and so as we work with you all to help
you engage and find better outcomes for your students by way of opportunities
this is important data for either wrap your head around and really coach your
students about so just kind of piggybacking off of what Amy just
explained we went ahead and took a look at some numbers here within the database
when the data that we’ve collected this first screen will show you based on our
MBA students and GradLeaders recruiting so here you can see our MBA is a hundred
percent of students are missed if they don’t have a class here
may a major or current location pretty creeks staggering numbers right from
that point of view on the next slide this is regarding our undergrad
population so here you can see those numbers they pretty closely mimic what
we saw with our with our MBA population however you and I took it a step further
and we pulled some additional numbers that won’t be on the screen but right
here you see we have eight hundred and fifty nine thousand four hundred and
seventy-three students okay so half of them don’t currently have a resume so
that takes our number into about four hundred thousand candidates then if we
take it one filter further and include that us work off status then we only get
a hundred and eighty two thousand viable candidates so that means that about
twenty one percent of candidates that are being searched upon with an
employer’s most basic search they’re only receiving twenty one percent of
this eight hundred and fifty nine and some thousand so those are two of the
things we know the employers are doing off the bat and it shrinks the numbers
very quickly to just twenty one percent of that so this is why one reason we
thought this webinar would be very very helpful as the Europe for the fall
season and provide you with some tool to be able to help coach your students and
get involved as a part of breck so the key takeaways really are to first make
sure that the majority of your students are included if you have questions on
how to do this please contact either your CRM or CSM and we can kind of walk
you through that process if you’re not already having your students included in
a database – we really want to work on coaching your students to make sure they
have a resume uploaded and to have the majority of their profiles complete the
third piece is a win for your students getting an exposure but also keeping
them engaged so first of all you want to make sure that you have the job match
turned on but then second keep the students engaged we want to
make sure that they have their job search agents filled out and up to date
as well as their communication preferences this means that organically
as jobs are being posted in the platform or information is out there that
pertains to what they have have identified as important to them with
their job search those jobs and that those pieces of content are going to be
sent to them and they’re going to be updated as as they allow so this is
really important to keep them engaged in the platform and their job search and
ultimately with your offices lastly since this is a best practice webinar
and as our first of this series I really wanted to highlight our Career Center
partner support and Resource Center our marketing team has spent an extensive
amount of time updating this over the past year and it’s a great resource to
all of you to be able to log in and have access to guides and videos as well as
you know any best practice material so emails templates views videos hopefully
are going to be saved there as well should you want to hear Amy’s and eyes
beautiful voices again but these resources should be quick and easy for
you to get to aside from having the support we already provide to you here
at GradLeaders next you can just see an example of some of the resources that
exist in our portal and lastly in closing we want to thank you all for
taking the time to join us today if you do have any questions regarding today’s
presentation please reach out to your CRM or your CSM directly like I said our
hopes are to have this updated on the support portal here within the next few
days but other than that please have a great end of your week and we hope to
see you all again next month for our next best best practices webinar thanks
so much guys have a great day

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