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Bí quyết phỏng vấn qua điện thoại hiệu quả

lockout at least an hour for yourself make sure you have no interruptions go to a quiet place make sure you get good cell reception don’t do it on the train don’t do it in a coffee shop make sure that you can you know you can hear the person and that they can hear you the other thing about a phone interviewer or a phone screen is it’s going to be kind of the most basic questions so it’s probably not going to be anything too terribly in-depth they’re just kind of looking to get you know your background you’re interested in the position why you think you’d be a good fit they’re kind of just leading up to see if they’re going to bring you in for an actual face to face interview at that point one of the benefits of phone interview is that you can kind of have everything in front of you for people who typically kind of get nervous during interviews one of the great things is that you can have a copy of your resume in front of you you can keep notes in front of you basically you have everything kind of at your disposal all of the tools in your arsenal in front of you so you really won’t feel like you’re being caught off guard

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