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Big career opportunities at Montoux

Hi I’m Adela, I’m the People and
Recruitment Manager here at Montoux and I’m here today to give you a bit of
information about us and our growth plans, and some of the roles that we’re
hiring for. We’re a technology company of just under 50 people. We’re in a high
growth phase at the moment and we’re looking to hire people to
support this growth across all our office locations so that includes our
Wellington office, our New York office and our soon-to-be Sydney and UK offices
as well. So to give you a snapshot of some of those roles we’re looking for a
Director of Sales in the UK, we’re also looking for an Actuary in the UK, we’re
hiring a Director of Customer Success in New York, and we’re also looking for a
Director of Operations and Business Enablement here in Wellington. We’re hiring across our customer success team, our sales team, our operations team, and
our marketing team as well. So if you’re the type of person that does really want to be challenged in their work, wants to have ownership in their work, wants to work with a really talented team, and is excited by working in a company that is
growing really quickly and is at the forefront of innovation in their
field then I would really recommend that you get in touch with us, read about us
on our career page, or contact me via Linkedin and I’m happy to have a chat.

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