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Big Freedia’s Career Highlights | Big Freedia Bounces Back | Fuse

This Big Freedia the Queen
Diva, you best-a believe-a Girl down You already know ♪ Freedia ♪ ♪ Jump cause the booty cause
the booty booty jump jump ♪ ♪ Shake ya rump-a ♪ ♪ Shake ya rump-a ♪ I have been blessed in
so many different ways. There’s many things that
I never would’ve thought would’ve happened. I’m thankful, I’m humble,
I’m appreciative You a legend. You a New Orleans legend You already know! Good to see you again Same here ♪ Shake ya rump-a ♪ ♪ Shake ya rump-a ♪ Yes And there we have it
guys, it’s bounce music. ♪ ♪ The Big Easy Awards is
tonight and they honor all of the best local musicians
here in New Orleans I’m excited because I’m
receiving the Entertainer of the Year award ♪ Yakka yakka yakka yakka
yakka yakka yakka ♪ I promise you, Freedia
gon be the first platinum mother fuckin’ bounce
artist bitch yaas ♪ It’s Freedia ♪ ♪ The Queen DIva ♪ It is fabulous I love it Freedia gave us his
traveler jacket Great style Thank you To see different artists
who have left rich culture in history for our city
and to be displayed in the same museum with them, I was
just overwhelmed and overjoyed Yes this is
Freedia, who’s this? It’s Beyonce Oh my God! I was on the
phone with Beyonce It was just so phenomenal
and so amazing, I was flipping the fuck out. I didn’t come to
play with you hoe I came to slay bitch Feel like we’re
girlfriends already I gotta leave you with
a copy of my new album Oh as a matter of fact
here’s one for you Hey! Yas Queen Diva Music, so
that’s your imprint, you’re independent. Yeah I am You know it’s my own
finances and it’s just like… Yeah that is hard trust me It definitely becomes hard
but it’s just been so fun running my own train Let me out this bitch! Today is my
first day on set [Director] We’re rolling [Director] Action I’m nervous as hell What’s happenin? What’s happenin It’s my birthday and
we’re havin’ a huge party ♪ I’m that queen that’ll
make ya bounce ♪ Stop the music That was a whole lotta
whole lotta whole lotta ass Big Freedia the Queen Diva,
you best-a believe-a Girl down You already know! She’s what you might call a
counter culture phenomenon Big Freedia,
Queen of Bounce Welcome to Dirty Pop Yes! Thanks, thanks for
havin’ me ya’ll First of all thank you so
much for coming to Yahoo today Thanks for havin’ me. Yes Big Freedia and Yahoo Please join me in
welcoming the talented, personable and
exceptional Big Freedia Hi everybody Probably the most
surprising ones for me were the ones that showed
you, as you describe it being a little
overweight shall we say? Oh I was very chubby. What is your secret? Because looking
at you today Twerk twerk
twerk twerk twerk [Laughing] Bouncin’ up and down We’re capturing you from
all different angles So we’re gonna get people
dancing and gettin’ fit which we’re excited about Think about the
mixing bowl. How you mixin’
that cake up baby ♪ Gotta work ya back off
(work ya back off) ♪ ♪ Work ya back off
(work ya back off) ♪ ♪ Work ya back off
(work ya back off) ♪ …St. James, it’s the Twerk
of Art Exhibition Hey baby Hi honey, I’m so excited. You? Me, these photos. This is your big foray
into the art world Yes, I had a photo shoot
in New Orleans and it was just open to the public It looks really gorgeous How many ya’ll know
that I was banned from Mississippi for twerkin? [Booing] I need a few vaultenteers When you pulled people up
for “Azz Everywhere” that was one of the
big concerns But it’s your first
amendment right to put on the show that
you wanna put on You know you got
a right to twerk ♪ Boom boom boom boom
like a helicopter ♪ ♪ Make that ass go
Brrrrrrr ♪ ♪ Like a loaded chopper ♪ ♪ Make that ass go dribble dribble dribble ♪ ♪ dribble dribble ♪ ♪ Like a Huston Rocket ♪ ♪ Make that booty go
hut hut hut hut hut ♪ ♪ Like Aaron Rogers ♪ I heard ya’ll was
lookin’ for me You already know!

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