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BLING IT UP! – Suzie’s 5 Minute Mani

I’m booked every hour on the hour and sometimes a client will say at the end of that appointment. “Hey, can you just do a little something fancy?” I can’t say no ’cause, you know, I love nails! At the end of an appointment, I only got five minutes. Welcome to Suzie’s 5-minute Mani. Let’s get going. So, I do have a few tricks up my sleeve and a few things I can call upon.. Whenever I want to do something special. And I found these. This is a product called “cute mood” and the Swarovski Crystals. But they’re in a dust, like a pixie dust form. Oh! Man, I wish I invented THIS! This is.. Awesome! Okay. So, we’re gonna take this dust. There it is! Look at that Sparkle! Oh man! So this is what we can do at the end of your appointment. I just do as an accent nail so, all I do is buff up. I’m just going to do it on one nail. Now, you want to buff it because, gel, we’re going to adhere this with a builder gel. Won’t stick to a shiny nail or a.. Finished nail, so we just buff it up a little. Take off the dust and I find the really good product for adhering things like this is.. Adhere. This is by.. Accents. They’re out of Canada actually, and I’m just going to pick up my builder gel, And I’m going to paint it And It’s going to act as a glue. Builder gel because it is strong, and it will hold the Swarovski Crystals. Really good.. These.. This is an expensive little bottle.. of Crystals, so you don’t want them to go down the drain. Want them to hold them there good.. Okay. Then I’m going to take my little crystals.. Now you have a choice. You can crust the whole nail or just a section. I’ll show you a section at first now. There’s no, you don’t have to hurry with this because this is gel. It’ll just simply wait until.. You’re ready. I’ve done them where I just did like just a dusting you know, something like that. Or you can do the whole nail which I’m going to do because I want them all. So you want to get this dish that I’m using here to hold all the extras because I’m not going to throw that out!! Want to make sure I catch them. And put them all back in. Okay. That’s tucked pretty nicely! So I’m just going to take my finger and sort of tap it in just a little Make sure I do kind of get rid of the ones on the side Just because it looks kind of dumb having it totally on the side It looks like more like a prickle Okay And then once you are happy with all the placements. I’m just going to check the cuticle I’m just sort of pushing it into the gel make sure it’s secured there. Going to see one little part they could use a bit more Woo-hoo-hoo-hoo that was a lot! Make sure it’s all in there Awesome. That’s beautiful. Then I nuke it, cure it. I’m going to do that for 60 seconds. It’s a builder gel so I’m going to give us 60 seconds Okay, you’re virtually done. The builder gel has a sticky layer to it. I’m just going to spray a little alcohol on It and just dab whatever stick there might be left So you just take away the sticky layer, and that’s it. It’s done Pretty on the nail and even off, but I’m not wasting those and they must know that about us They provide this cute little funnel, and I’m just going to pour them right here And that’s less than five minutes. Let’s look at the reveal Well, I think that was even less than five minutes. I love it. Thanks for joining me for the new 5 minute Mani See you soon

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