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Blogging – Branding and Social Media: Your Job Search Advantage

Welcome to our series of 4 videos on using social media for developing a personal brand online as a long term job search strategy. My name is Jen Davies, and I’m a Career Counsellor at the Academic Advising & Career Centre at the University of Toronto Scarborough, and I love social media, so I’m pleased to talk with you about it. At the end of these videos, plus the hands-on workshop, you will be able to: Assess effectiveness of your own social media presence for personal branding Choose social media outlets most appropriate for your own habits and comfort level Create an informative LinkedIn profile. In this series, we are going to cover these topics, starting with easy to use social media tools: LinkedIn, Twitter, a Blog. And we will discuss how these fit into an overall personal branding strategy for showing employers how you stand out from among your peers. In this video we will focus on blogging. A professionally-relevant blog is a great way to give a potential employer some insight into how you think – and also demonstrate your communication and critical thinking skills. It isn’t as easy as Twitter, but there’s no expectation of a daily or even weekly entry either! It is likely that in your future work you will have to write, so Blogging is good practice at writing thoughtfully on topics that are relevant to the field you intend to work in anyway. Please open up a new browser window and go to the URL of our sample blog. You may want to pause the video here to do that. We will talk about Blogspot because it is owned by Google, and if you have a Gmail account, you already have access to it! It’s also easy to use. WordPress is less user friendly, and Tumblr is full of advertising, so we are modelling Blogspot. You can also blog via LinkedIn if you prefer to keep all of your social media in one place, but a separate blog linking back to LinkedIn improves your Google searchability, so we are modelling an independent blog. So, what can you write about? These sample posts are responses to research and news on the topic of interest (in this case, Alzheimer’s Disease). Responding to something in the news is an easy way to find inspiration. The posts don’t have to be super creative when you Blog, when you are blogging to develop your personal brand! Your goal is to present clear communication skills and strong critical thinking skills to potential employers. Blogging is also a great excuse to pay attention to news in your intended field of work once you leave school! Trust me, once you leave school, it takes more effort to stay on top of the latest research in your field. If you are a member of a couple of LinkedIn Groups on the topic, or if you are following sources of news in your intended field of work on Twitter, finding news to respond to in your Blog becomes easier. I hope we have you interested in using blogs for personal branding and getting employers interested in meeting you! Please review our other videos and sample profiles for inspiration on how to use social media to your job search advantage. When you are finished the series, please also come to our hands-on workshop, where we will work on your social media presence – sign up in under Events & Workshops in Scarborough.

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