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Breaking Ground: St Kilda Road tram occupation

We are here today at Anzac Station undergoing
a major occupation to realign the new tram tracks. This occupation is necessary to join
the north and the south station box that is under St Kilda Road. The station box is 300 metres in length, 30
metres in width and 22 metres deep. We are working 24 hours a day to reduce disruption
to the road and tram network, demolishing the track, overheads, wires and road. This
will allow the installation and construction of the new track and road. The construction of the acoustic shed behind
me is aimed at reducing construction impacts such as noise, light and dust and is ongoing
throughout the occupation. We built as much of the road and the tram
alignment as we could before the occupation to minimise disruption to the local community.
We worked closely with Yarra Trams and VicRoads to ensure a successful occupation.

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