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Brendan Pratt — Chef

I decided to become a chef after I started working in a small kitchen just helping out with a bit of food and saw how I could make that my career for the rest of my life. I always knew I had a passion for food but I thought that would just be my passion at home, that I loved cooking. Until I found out you could really make that a career, through doing an apprenticeship. I thought it was getting into work and people would tell you what to do but it’s not, you get so many more experiences from the first day when you get there and you are petrified and to the last day when you’re in charge of the kitchen. You get paid by the hour so, which always helps, because if you are doing the long hours you get the benefit of the money. If you are not doing the long hours, you get the benefit of time off, so it is just a great chance to be able to get paid to do something I love. And learn something I love and then come out with a qualification at the end of it. You can take this job anywhere. I mean, it doesn’t matter whether you speak English or you don’t speak English, you go to these countries and it is all the same language, it is just the one language. Probably my favourite thing about it is the people that you get to work with, because they’re all doing, they’re all going through the same thing that you are going through and they’ve also got exactly the same passion that you’ve got. And they want to be there and you want to be there. I hope to see myself running my own restaurant within more than the ten year bracket. Next five years I’m sort of hoping to travel the world a little bit but I’d like to spend a lot more time over there learning their skills, their ways of doing the trade, the way the restaurants are run over there and bring that back, to Perth especially. And open my own restaurant and hopefully have my own apprentices one day. I can bring the information back to them.

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