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BT Daily: Job Assessment

[Steve Myers] It can be a scary time, job
assessments. You have to go through a job assessment review,
we do around here, and just the thought itself can be something like, “Well, do I measure
up the way I should? Am I doing things the way I should? Do I really meet the basic requirements, especially
when they look at my job performance?” Well, it’s part of life, isn’t it? Part of life is trying to do what’s right,
especially if we claim to be God’s people. And God gives us a lot of information throughout
scriptures of how we should strive to accomplish the goals that He set for us. Now as in any assessment, there are things
that we can certainly improve on. In fact, as we go through Ambassador Bible
Center, often we’ll tell the students that an assessment doesn’t only tell you what you
need to improve on, it also tells you what you’re doing well. And so, that kind of flips things around a
little bit because it does show there are some things that you’re doing very well at. There are other things, okay, we need to improve
in this area. So, I think that’s a vital question we can
all ask ourselves. No matter where we are, we can ask ourselves,
“How can I improve to be a better Christian?” My job assessment, I guess you could say. Well, there’s a passage in the Proverbs that
deals with this concept. Proverbs chapter 16, and when we recognize
what it says in verse 3, it puts it this way, “Commit your works to the Lord.” You know, whatever I do, I should make sure
that God’s first in my life. And when that happens, it says, “Your thoughts
will be established.” Well, isn’t that a challenge at times? We can get so distracted, we can get off base
a little bit, and sometimes God is not at the forefront of our minds. Well, when we look at it this way, if I commit
my hand to do His will, well, when I think of it that way, can I identify ways in which
I can do what I do in order to bring honor to God, in order to show him that I really
have put Him first, that I can glorify Him in whatever it is I’m doing? I think if I have that point of view, I could
begin to do that much more effectively. And so as the Apostle Paul says, “We’ve been
doing well.” Now, we can take to the next level, continue
to do that and step it up, and continue to show that we can even improve more and more. So next time you think of your job assessment,
think about ways that we can honor God and that He can ultimately establish our thoughts. That’s “BT Daily.” We’ll see you next time.

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