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Build technology skills and grow your career with Pluralsight

Pluralsight is where the best and brightest go to keep their tech skills relevant. Take Jen, for example. When she is not storming castles as Grom, the Vanquisher, she’s a front-end developer, new on the job, and eager to make her mark. She uses Pluralsight’s skill assessments to see how her skills stack up. A few assessments later, Jen gets her RoleIQ and now knows what skills she needs to tackle the job. Feeling confident, she eyes her next battle, rushing her first project. This is Janet. This is Janet’s desk. Janet is very, very organized. She understands how important skill development is to her career, and she can’t afford to get distracted, so Janet uses Pluralsight channels to organize her learning around her goals and gather content from her favorite industry experts all in one place. No funny business here, just the way Janet likes it. Say hello to Lloyd and Lloyd’s turtle, Frank. Lloyd works from home to help Frank prepare for a very important talent competition. Frank knows that practice makes perfect. That’s why Lloyd uses Pluralsight’s interactive courses and projects to apply his new skills in a risk-free environment. With guided feedback along the way, Lloyd can feel confident when he puts his new knowledge to work. No matter where you are in your career, Pluralsight is here to help. Sign up for a free 10-day trial today.

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