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California Career Center—My Stuff Student Account

This video is provided by the California Career
Resource Network program of the California Department of Education. It is one in a series of video introductions
to the California Career Center website. [Music] It focuses on the “My Stuff” student
accounts. Having a “My Stuff” account allows you to
get the most out of the Career Center by using its features, which include bookmarking pages,
creating a High School Plan, a Career Action Plan, and uploading your career-related documents. Set up your account by clicking on “My Stuff”
in the top navigation bar, then select “Profile”. Enter the required information: email address,
create a password, first name, full school name, school zip code, and then your grade. Make your choices in “I came to the California
Career Center to learn about (Choose your top three reasons)” and “Other reasons for visiting
this site”, then select “submit”. Your account is activated and you’re ready
to start accessing your account features. “Explore” recommends pages for you to explore
based on the reasons you selected in your Career Center profile. “Bookmarks” save pages you like and want to
easily find again. “High School Plan” helps you plan your classes
and activities. “Career Action Plan” helps you clarify your
occupational goal and develop a strategy to reach your goal. “Documents” is a place to upload your career-related
documents like resumes and reference lists. “Profile” saves your account information so
you can change it or delete your account. You are now ready to set up your own “My Stuff”
account. California Career Center, Your Virtual Counselor. Dream Big, Set Goals, Take Action! The California Career Center is at

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