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California Career Center—Your Virtual Counselor

This video is provided by the California Career
Resource Network program of the California Department of Education. The California Career Center website is your
virtual counselor for helping you learn how to tailor school to your interests and needs
and make a plan for creating the life you want. California Career Center, Your Virtual Counselor. Dream Big! Set Goals! Take Action! You can set up a “My Stuff” student account
to be your career exploration and planning center. The resources and information you need are
organized into six sections. The section “Middle and High School” helps
you plan your middle and high school years so that you have a path to the future you
want to achieve. In the “Career Options” section, explore a
variety of career paths to consider, get a better sense of who you are, where you’re
going, and how you’ll get there. The “Getting a Job” section provides tips
and tools for a successful job search, whether it’s your first job or your fourth. The section “Education and Training” introduces
you to a variety of post high school options including apprenticeship, national service,
and the California College systems. The “Challenges” section helps you address
education, training, and other career-related challenges. The section “Money Management” provides resources
for developing the financial literacy skills necessary to become a smart financial decision
maker. As you’re using the California Career Center,
you can always select “Contact and Feedback” at the bottom of the page for questions or
to make suggestions. California Career Center, Your Virtual Counselor. Dream Big! Set Goals! Take Action! The California Career Center is at

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