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Call Center Specialist Job Preview – Chase

“Thank you for calling Chase…” (x3)
“Internal finance credit card dispute…” “Chase mortgage services…” “Credit card fraud prevention”
“Chase united” Chase is in about 50% of all US households. It is so important for our call center employees
to service these customers. As a front line employee, you are dealing
with our customers one on one. And we want our customers to feel valued,
and know that banking with Chase makes a difference. We are available twenty four hours and any
representative at that number can assist you. There are some customers who might not have
an opportunity to speak to a Chase employee, and this might be the only time they call
us in the year or even within a two-year span and whatever impression you leave with that
customer, yes they are going to appreciate how you helped them and what you did, but
as far as the customer is concerned, they just talk to Chase. How can I assist you today? The day of a call center specialist is multifaceted. You have to wear many different hats. A Call Center Specialist, to be successful,
they need to listen to the customer first, ask additional probing questions to determine
the root cause of the customer’s call, and provide the adequate solutions and options
available. One thing that’s important to know as you
take on the role of a call center specialist, is there is going to be a lot of structure
to the role. You’re going to have a schedule that tells
you when you take your breaks and lunches. You will take anywhere from 80 to 120 calls
per day, depending on the day of the week and the time of the shift that you work. It is hard work; you are going to be on the
phones, you are going to be talking to many customers every day. It’s going to be challenging, it’s going
to be rewarding at the same time. There’s always going to be those calls that
are really good calls that you know you made a huge difference in the customer experience,
you feel really good about it. “Hello my name is Clay, I’m from Chase
Disputes. I’ll be here to help today and from what
I heard there is a charge here for $29.99. It’s some sort of subscription that you
did not renew. Is that correct?” “I never renewed. I never told them that I wanted a subscription
in the first place.” “OK, we can place a block on that charge. After we place the block what we’re going
to do is place a temporary credit on the account. It’s going to update within 48 hours and
you’ll see it on We’ll also send you a confirmation letter
that you’ll receive in about seven to ten days. If they respond to the dispute, we’ll contact
you. Otherwise you don’t need to be worried about
paying the amount and you won’t be charged interest against it, OK?” “I appreciate it, sir!” “Of course! And is there anything else I can help you
with?” “I appreciate your understanding. Is there someone I can talk to about you?” “Um, if you would like I can get you over
to someone. Just a moment.” “I just want to tell them how wonderful
you’ve been. Just a joy.” “(laughs) Well, thank you!” We truly care about our employees; we want
to understand their needs and their wants. Not to mention all the benefits that we offer
employees, all the career opportunities that we offer our employees. My expectation is that you will be in my call
center for about one year. After that you are going to work with me and
we are going to find other career opportunities within that organization. I’ve worked in customer service, fraud and
collections. I’ve switched from roles where I’m an
individual contributor, and roles where I have an opportunity to lead people. Chase will provide all of those options for
you, too. There are many employee perks that come along
with employee discounts. We get discounts on our checking account,
on mortgage loan, or auto loan rates. They supported me while I was in school, and
helped pay through the tuition reimbursement program for my education. When I had my son I was able to take a few
months off of work, and it was a great opportunity to be home and still get a paycheck. It’s amazing the amount of benefits that
we receive as JPMorgan Chase employees. We are a large firm; 240,000 plus employees
but you walk into any of our locations, and you would never feel like you are getting
lost in this big giant corporation. Chase is a great place to work, because we
have a leadership team that’s committed to having fun when we’re here. During the fall we celebrate employee appreciation
week. It’s all about the employee. There are events that happen every day, and
it’s really a great opportunity to celebrate our successes together. We also have different opportunities to volunteer
together as a team, and there’s always networking opportunities, different business groups that
people can be a part of to network outside of their own department. For anyone that’s interested in a call center
position, it is a place where you will come maybe for a job and hopefully stay for a career… Thank you and have a nice day. …because there are so many opportunities
for you to grow beyond that call center job that you are going to initially start in. I never thought I would be with Chase for
almost 15 years. The reason it’s been a good match for me
is because I’ve been able to make a change whenever I wanted to. Chase has supported me through major milestones
in my life, and that’s hard to put a dollar amount on.

34 Replies to “Call Center Specialist Job Preview – Chase”

  • 80 to 120 calls a day by individual or by team? if its by individual i been there depending on the situation but at the end of the day i resolved the customers issue but on a different account. will try chase soonest 🙂

  • Does anyone have any idea how grueling taking 120 calls an hour is? It’s absolute torture. Chase makes it sound like it’s hard but it’s not that hard if you apply yourself which is absolute BS considering they give you two weeks to learn their entire product line, all 15 computer systems and you have to sell products while servicing the customer. Turnover here is approximately 60%. If they have a team of 100, 60 will walk out the door In The first six months. How do I know you ask? I worked there. My supervisor was completely nuts. The woman talked to the wall and her hand.

  • The quality, effort, professionalism that the call center of chase, is simply the best; a work team delivered to the high quality that is required … excellent customer service

  • Try to get a job at there call is so hard. I have experience in a call center what do they base. please help me understand there work ethic or age group

  • Chase seems to be an excellent choice of place to work. This bank valued their customers, and offer a lot of great benefits to their employees. Such as: rapid career opportunity growth, discounts on auto and mortgages, tuition reimbursement, parental leave, fun, games and competition. In summary, it would be of great pleasure to join this team and pursue my career path.

  • Great interview video! Chase Customer Service Number is 800-935-9935.

  • Yep worked here, made it 1.5 years. 80-120 calls per day. ABSOLUTE TORTURE is true! I was guaranteed by CHASE and supervisors that if we were EVER threatened by a cardmember that CHASE would stand behind us! They did NOT! I was threatened by a cardmember WHO SAID, "how would you like me to come find you where you work?" after giving him different options for cash advances, but HE didn't like those options then he threatened me. I hung up on him and voluntarily told my supervisor. After hearing the call him, CHASE and the director, felt, "WE DO NOT FEEL THIS MAN WOULD ACTUALLY DO ANYTHING TO YOU." Really? YOU don't feel he will do anything? Good thing CHASE took this seriously and wrote ME UP! SHAME ON CHASE! With all the work place shootings in the last few years, SHAME ON CHASE!

  • "a lot of structure" meaning, every second of every day is accounted for. 3 minute toilet break? how do you account for that? This needs to improve or you will be written up… You were unavailable 30 seconds after your last call ended. This is unacceptable, once more and you will be sacked… I was so happy when I got out of my call center job. Don't listen to the propaganda.

  • If call centers trained properly and invested in the people who work there like they are human beings and not livestock, they would actually be decent places to work. When you work at a call center, you don’t get proper training initially, and you rarely get follow up training. That’s why so many people you reach when you call a place don’t know what they are talking about. They genuinely don’t know because they have to learn on the job. It’s stressful for everyone involved and I don’t understand why it’s done this way

  • If you’re watching this video looking for a job in this field- don’t do it. This job is awful, no one deserves to live like a robot.

  • Do not fall for any call center schpeel!! Taking back to back calls and having every move you make monitored is absolutely grueling! STAY AWAY!

  • This is how Chase HR treats you when you have issues/concerns…they lie to you!!! Listen here:

  • Stop ❗️wait a minute❗️Call Center VP

    Your call center is in a third world country that could care less about customer satisfaction. One in whom "Victor" was happy in me closing my account because he could not do anything for me. My payment was called in on the due date but 30 minutes past 8PM.

    He could of cared less. Your worthless Assistance didn't help Mr Patel 1 800 903 3637 Dail 0 for Victor. Needless to say I closed my account. Walk away from Capital One lousy call center. Bring it back to USA.

    No Quality Assurance Monitoring
    Little or No empathy. They think by staying calm and talking in a professional manner excuses their lack of judgement and inaction on the customers behalf. They are more concerned about not messing up their scripts than in helping customers.

    It's your money folks, walk away, take it to those that appreciate your business with them.

  • This job is the bottom of the barrel.It's demeaning , supervisors will torture over everything,you will have no rights even if the client is wrong and abusive you are still at fault.If the company is at fault you take all the negatives. You are essentially a complaint/whine center-it is a much better name which describes what a call center is about.

  • 80-120 calls per day for this company is a low estimate. I know because I’ve been there. 120 calls was on a slow day. The average is more like 150-160, and there were days (particularly during certain holidays) where 200+ calls in a day was not unheard of. And they have the shortest AHT at 2 minutes.

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