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Can I File an Employment Lawsuit in California After Wrongful Termination?

Oftentimes when clients come to us, they are
extremely distraught and emotional, because they just lost their job. Losing one’s job is a very significant event,
it can be devastating when someone particularly has been there a long time, it can be devastating
from the standpoint that how am I now going to feed my family? There are lots of reasons why it’s so devastating
to lose a job and that is part and parcel of what we do here. It’s not just about the legal issues. Every case needs three things in order to
be a viable case. The first thing is there has to be a violation
of law. The second thing, there has to be damages
that flow from that violation of law. And the third thing is, who you’re suing needs
to actually be collectible, in other words you could get a ten-million-dollar verdict,
but if they only have ten dollars, then it’s an empty verdict. And one of the things that we do, is we look
at our clients as the whole person and it’s not just the loss to their pocketbook, that’s
easily quantifiable, what did they lose in income, what did they lose in wages, what
did they lose in benefits, what are all the little perks that they lost? The biggest loss, sometimes the most devastating
loss, is the loss to the person. By being thrown out, by being fired because
of some protected category, like their age, or gender, or disability, or race, or national
origin, or pregnancy, or because they raised issues that they thought were illegal and
became a whistleblower. When emotionally, when the reason that we’re
fired is inconsistent with our traditional sense of fairness and equity, it really increases
the emotional distress that someone suffers. We work with a range of psychologists and
psychiatrist to fully develop what has happened to a person, so we can present to a judge
and to a jury, how much the loss of a job has effected a person, and very often, the
loss to the person is much greater than the loss to the wallet. For more information or to speak with an attorney
call (310) 273-3180.

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