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Can’t find jobs in Australia – 5 key reasons

So you are a skilled migrant and you have arrived in Australia for a few months or over a year now You’ve been trying to apply for many jobs. But you haven’t received any job offer or even any job interview yet. But why is it so hard to get a job in Australia? Hi everyone, I’m Thea from Ace Job We’re helping Skilled Migrants and International Students get jobs and live a better life And today I’m going to talk about 5 reasons why it’s so hard to get a job in Australia. Before we start Please subscribe to the channel turn on the alarm bell on Youtube because I’m going to post new video every week and by that way, you will be notified I have a question for you before arriving in Australia, what do you think about getting a job here? I guess you have gained many years of experience in your industry So do you think it’s easy or it’s hard to get a job here? Please leave a comment below because I’m very curious to know I have many clients who have accumulated many
years of experience in their industry. They managed big teams. They took the regional roles
in charge of many countries under their belt. But when they came here, they couldn’t get
a job. So maybe it’s a big shock for many international professionals, coming here with
a lot of expectations, but still cannot find a job. But why is it so hard to get a job in Australia? The first reason is visa and work rights.
In order to work in Australia, you need to have the right visa with the full work rights.
Australian companies are very strict about the visas. They’re going to check your visa
eligibility before you can apply for the job. Many clients of me are facing this issue.
So they need to sort it out how they can sort it out with the visa issue first, before they
can work on the next step of the job application. Reason 2 is things work differently in Australia.
Don’t assume everything is the same as your home country. The game has changed. You have moved to Australia and looking for a job here. In order to win the game you need to understand the rule and play the rule of the game. Australian resumes have their own styles and structures. They are different with other
countries. Don’t apply the same rules from your home country to your Australian resume.
Moreover, your application needs to pass the ATS, the Applicant Tracking System. In order
to land into a human’s hands, you need to know how to beat the bot.
If your application is good enough, you’ll move to the phone interview. Most of the time,
it’s unexpected. Personally, I think it’s even trickier than the face to face interview.
You need to know the strategy how to ace it. Reason 3 is local experience. If your application
is good enough, and you move to the phone interview. You may receive this question “Do
you have local experience in Australia?” and that experience needs to be in the same
industry as the job that you are applying. If you don’t have, your application may
just stop there, and you cannot move further into the face to face interview.
It’s a fair question though because the employers receive around 100 to 200 applicants
per position. It’s very easy for them to find better options with local experience.
So how can you convince them to choose you over other candidates. Reason 4 is network. You’ve probably justarrived in Australia for a short time or you
haven’t built up a network. And you cannot leverage it or make it work for you. Did you
know that 80% of jobs are not advertised and they are filled via referrals or networking?
Australians are masters of networking. Moreover, they also have a massive network that has
been built for their whole life. That is a huge support for them to get jobs. Reason 5 is English communication skills. English is not your mother language and it’s
okay because many international professionals in Australia are from other countries. So
English is not their mother language. The thing is you need to identify whether the
communication skills is a barrier to getting a job. Many international professionals find
it hard to understand what the Aussies are talking about. Do you understand 100% of their
conversation or just 70% to 80%. Speaking may be another concern. You need
to be fluent to work in an Australian company. It would be a barrier to getting a job if
you can’t understand what people are asking you in an interview. or you can’t answer persuasively to ace that interview. So they are 5 barriers to getting a job in Australia. If you like this video feel free to like, comment, share with your friends and suscribe to the channel If you need more help on tips and strategies of getting a job in Australia please visit my website at and go to the contact us page send me your resume so I can give you a free assessment and then we can talk more about the strategies how to help you get employment in Australia. Thank you for watching.

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