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Career Action Plan—Explore Occupations I

This video is provided by the California Career
Resource Network program of the California Department of Education. It is one in a series of video introductions
to the California Career Center website. It focuses on the Career Action Plan “Explore
Occupations I” section. In order to create a Career Action Plan, you
need to begin by figuring out what occupation you want to work in. Start by using the California CareerZone website. The California CareerZone Interest Profiler
will match your interests to potential occupations. After completing the Interest Profiler, you’ll
be presented with a list of occupations to review that match your interests. In this Interest Profiler results example,
you’ll choose from among the occupations you explore to fill in the Explore Occupations
I section of your California Career Center’s Career Action Plan. Go back to your California Career Center website’s
Career Action Plan and select the Explore Occupations I “Directions” button to get started. California Career Center, Your Virtual Counselor. Dream Big, Set Goals, Take Action! The California Career Center is at [Music]

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