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Career and Life Education Program – Careers with Wings at Mission Bay HS

Hi my name is DeLeon Boudreaux I am a
beat boxer, music producer, singer, and choreographer.
I came to Careers with Wings, and that on the first day I actually got an interview, and
there that led to be meeting an agent. I’m actually glad I actually came here.
Hopefully I’ll be able to work with you soon and I definitely recommend this to
any other inspiring creators of the arts. Hi my name is Leah and I’m Norah and
this year we attended the Careers with Wings program. I had a really fun time
because I enjoyed the positive energy and I learned how to talk about myself
which I’m not very good at, but after this program I was helped with the
interviewing process and I feel much more comfortable talking about my life
in a profession that I might have and one part of the program that I found
very important and beneficial was how willing Ken and Marcy
were to really listen to everybody’s individual desires and plans for the
future. Yes thanks guys and I hope you come to Careers with Wings.
Highly recommend it. Yes! Hey my name is Robert, I’ve been in the
Careers with Wings programs since the first week and it’s given me a lot of
connections before the outside world a lot of job opportunities have opened up
to me because of this. More specifically through this program I’ve actually had a
personal connection with a CEO of a company which it’s not a very big
opportunity that many people have. However, with this program, I did get that
opportunity and I now I’m standing right behind the doorstep, just about to go in
to get a job. So I highly recommend this program Thank You!

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