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Career Bridge How-To Video

Welcome to Washington Career Bridge, where
you’ll discover your interests and talents, explore careers (what they pay and if they’re
hiring) and, most importantly, find the education you need to land the job you want. All in
one website. Career Bridge, it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!
1. Explore careers 2. View job trends
And 3. find education, where you can search over 6,000 Washington education programs in
one place! Let’s start in the explore careers section. A good first step is to take the “career
quiz”. This quiz takes about 15 to 20 minutes and helps you uncover your interests
and how they connect with what you want to do. Take your time and click as many items that
fit you. Remember, this is all about you, so be true to your own interests and talents. At the end of the quiz, your favorite career
clusters will be at the top. Each cluster features dozens of careers that share similar
skills—the kinds of skills that interest you and that you’re likely to be good at.
Click on a cluster and start comparing careers. The cluster page will give you a little more information on what these types of occupations do. Click on a specific career to get even more details! Once you click on a career, you’ll get all
kinds of important details! The employment outlook shows you if this career is growing
in our state and how many job openings to expect. Wondering how much you’ll earn?
Find out what this occupation pays, from just starting out to average earnings after you’ve
been in the field awhile. Next, discover the education you need to land a job in this field—whether
it’s a certificate, an apprenticeship or an associate’s degree or bachelor’s degree.
Finally, click on the Washington education web links on this page. They’ll take you
right to the education programs that lead to your chosen career. Want to know what other occupations are available?
Click view job trends to find out. In the “view job trends” area, you can
find out about all kinds of occupations, what they pay, if they’re growing in Washington
and whether they might be right for you. If you check the “in demand” box, you can
find out which career fields are projected to grow the most quickly. Now you’ve got an idea of what you want
to do, but you need to find the education that will help land you the job. Click find
education to start your search. In the “find education” area, you can search for programs
at a specific school, or find a program close to home or simply type a career into the search
engine to see which programs match your career interests. Want to know how much you’re likely to be paid and your chances of landing a job? Make sure you check the performance results box. Now click search! Career Bridge generates a list of programs
that match your search criteria. Click on one to get more details. Under the Program
Details tab, you’ll find out more about the program, including how much it costs, where it’s located, and
how long it takes to complete. Under the School Details tab, you can connect
with Admissions, Financial Aid, Worker Retraining and Veterans Services, and other key contacts.
No more searching and getting lost at a school website. Career Bridge brings key contacts
right to you! Will you get a job after you complete this
program? How much will you get paid? Click on the Performance Results tab to find out.
When data is available, Career Bridge shows you the percentage of students who completed
a program, along with the employment rate and earnings of students who finished the
program. Consider it a report card on the education program you’re considering. You
can also see the main industries where graduates went to work to see if they got work in the
field they trained for. This data is not available for ALL programs, sometimes because they are
too small, or too new. Other times we simply do not have the information to provide results.
But when it’s available, you’ll get a good idea of your return on investment. Click on Student Characteristics to get a
better idea of who your classmates will be. You can see the percentage of men and women,
their ethnic backgrounds, their education level and even their age. It’s never too
late to go back to school, or too early to begin planning your future. So, how will you pay for it all? Click on “Pay
for School” to connect with financial aid and other resources that can help you afford
your education. Fill out federal FAFSA financial aid forms or take a look at grants and scholarships,
loans, work study and tax credits that will help you pay for school. More questions? We’ve got you covered with
the “Help Center”. You’re likely to find your questions—along with the answers—right
here! Okay, now you know how to put Career Bridge
to work for you. It’s time to find the career—and education program—you’ve been dreaming of!
Start clicking today!

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