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Hi everyone, I’m going to show you a couple tips to help you to navigate around so you will be able to use it for different assignments. When you log in you will see sign up. After you create an account, create a profile. so you will go up here. It will show you sign up by clicking on the red button on the top right. Click on sign up. Enter your information. That will save everything and make it a little easier in the long run. The next thing you will do is take the assessment. When you log in there’s going to be a 6 question and a 60 question questionnaire. Use the 60. It does a better job of determining who you are and your likes and dislikes. I’m switching screens because I’ve done that. This screen shows you what it looks like. It shows that I took the short assessment. But, you need to take the long one. I took the short one because I need more variety in presentations to students. You will need to take the longer one. It gave me my top traits. It gave me my my top five top traits, my other traits, my 10 career matches. Now, here’s something that’s important, this top one is something that I’m not interested in all neither is the second one. I have to scroll down a little to number six to get to something of interest It’s a it’s because it to the broader view and sometimes sciences to you in any of the other careers it’s gonna get you a little bit more information on different careers. So, I’m going to show you how to navigate through these. This gives you a little more information on different careers. So, what’s going to happen is, you are going to get your assessment results after eo all of that. You go back and you can look for top career matches. You can also retake it if you would like to do so. Be very honest when you take this because it’s gonna make a difference. Since I have some favorites in here because I do some presentations on it. You won’t have these yet. So, what you want to do next is click on careers. I got logged out showing you how to log in, so what it’s going to do next is click on careers. It will take me to my top careers. Here you’ll see 100% match on education and training. So I can click on education and training or I can go down and choose STEM which is my true background is what my true background is in even though I work in education. This was number six on my list. So, I’m going to go down to this. Now, I’ll take a look at all of these different things. Physical sciences. So, if I click on physical sciences the first one even though it’s the highest match, it’s not what I want to do. So, I go down to atmospheric and space science. Which is what my background is Here it gives degrees required. That goes on to your own you journal. It gives annual salaries. If you click on this it’s going to give your median salary. It also gives you job posting annual job postings around the Baytown-Houston area. When I click on the map, I can go out 100 miles. That takes me across Houston. You’re still not a lot of postings in my actual career field. That it’s OK. There are other ways and other things you can explore as to how you can use your degrees. I scroll down here and I’m looking at this. I can go to about. About will tell the daily tasks required. It also gives you more information on the national education attainment level. If you look here a lot of the ones in this career require a bachelor’s degree and master’s or professional degree or a doctorial degree or higher. Now is that first degree is mainly working in the oil and gas in this clear field and I know that just because this is my career field. If you come down a little bit further remember that you have to give a couple skills that employers are asking for. These are some of those skills. You can find them very easily on this chart. You can also find them on the daily task area where it tell you a little bit about these tasks. You can click on show more extended. It will give you a whole lot more information on it. If you click on wages, you can see this salary as you expanding go out and have years of experience how much you can make in his career. Click on employment, it’s going to give monthly job postings and the trends on Indeed Jobs. It lists companies that are posted the jobs in the past year and how many they been posting. You can look in here and you can see here those companies are television stations and a lot more universities because that is as another route you can take in my career. Employment projections from now until 2028 are given. So let’s say you’re graduating from college in 2022, then you can see there is an upward trend in the employment projections there. It even gives you live job postings. And, it shows you where those job postings are in the Houston area. And you can expand out on this. At the bottom you can click on See More Postings and it will take you outside of the Houston area if that somewhere you want to go. So you can see all of this information is available to you on this site. A couple other things I want to point out to you. Programs. If you don’t find exactly what you’re looking for you can click on the available programs and go in and look at the different ones. I want to show you one more thing. Let’s look at the different career areas that may be of importance to you. If you find that the degrees are not matching up, just explore. If I go in and look at the physics from the Lee College catalog. It shows me other degrees that fall under its underneath this category some different things that you can do that you might not have thought about. Some physics teachers post-secondary that’s one of the things that I’ve done throughout my career. So, it’s a pretty decent match. But, if you remember back on the top of it the match was a very big o you have to do a little bit of exploring and you will find your careers if you really like it you can click save. That’s where when I was on my assessment When you come down on that first page it had some saved careers for me. That’s how those were saved. There are a couple other buttons on when you come to the first page. There’s a resume builder. You can build and save documents here as well. You can explore the catalog. But the big thing for you is look at your assessment, look at your choices not necessarily your top choices from your download screen where it showed your top 10 careers is not necessarily going to be those top 10. That’s why you need to go out and you need to look at the different things. You need to explore them to see what exactly is it that you like to do because you might find something else out there! I hope this helps with your assignment! A couple of other things: make sure you follow the directions for the top five careers that you like that you’re interested in not necessarily those top five careers. Be sure to list education degrees that are required. You should should also list two of the top skills that you need for each of those top five career choices. If you have any questions, be sure to let me know.

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