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Career Connections Seminars for U.S. Exchange Alumni

I want to say how exciting it is to have 62 alumni
of our important programs. For those that are not aware, this Career Connections seminar is to help the alumni to go forward and actually do something in international. And so with that I just want to say thanks for being here
and being part of this Career Connections seminar. Thank you. [applause] Leadership isn’t just at the top of an organization. Someone who wants to get things done is often leading up,
and sideways as well. Before they ever get to the point where they are given a title
that makes them sound like a leader. We’re talking about the best and the brightest, some of these alumni. Who are out there and they are working for social justice, they’re working on the environment, they’re working in politics, whatever they’re doing
it is really about reach. And it’s about willingly opening up the conversation
and that’s why we’re here. I would advise any U.S. exchange alumni
to take advantage of this opportunity. During the past two days I’ve really been inspired by other stories. You never know who you are going to meet
and what opportunities can arise. Be confident in the fact that you have what it takes, to make connections here. Be confident enough to pursue that career goal, you have all the resources and this all provided. Just as long as you’re open to it,
and continue this journey of developing your career.

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